Sunday, August 30, 2009

Food & Hotel Malaysia 2009

An array of assorted chocolates to entice the visitors.

Thai curry for sampling - it was deliciously good!

These ice creams are perhaps the best I have ever sampled!

Cake counter with samples for tasting.

Coffee with decorative topping.

A free coffee-making demonstration.

One of the fun things of FHM was that visitors were given wonderful opportunities to sample! Take the example of coffee - if you are a lover of this beverage, you would have a good time tasting a variety of it.
Coffee is my favourite. I let no coffee to slip by at the exhibition without popping in my head to get the aroma of it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

International Hospitality & Tourism Seminar 2009

In conjunction with FHM 2009, MAHTEC (Malaysian Association of Hotels Training and Education Centre) organised a one-day seminar titled "International Hospitality & Tourism Seminar 2009" on August 13 primarily for the benefits of the member hoteliers.

We grabbed the opportunity to register for it.

MAHTECH called on the members to boost revenue during this challenging time by maximising sales and profitas through extracting the highest price possible for perishable products or services. "The seminar is intended to help participants to gain more insight into the world of revenue management," Y.Bhg. Datuk Mohd LLyas Zainol Abidin, President of MAH, said in his opening address.

MAHTECH pulled in some of the most experienced industry experts from the United States of America, Italy, South-africa and Iceland to get the participants enlightened.
A total of four papers were presented, all with the objective to gear the participants towards boosting their revenue in these challenging times.
1. "Operating during these Challenging Times" by Mr. Joe Mclnerney, CHA - President of AHLA
2. "Blue Ocean Strategy - How To Leverage Value Innovation and Breakout from the Competition in the Hospitality Industry" by Mr. Luciano Pezzotta, Owner & Managing Director: Blue Ocean Garden Co. Ltd.
3. "Managing Growth in a Recessionary Economy: The Case for Service Excellence and Accountality in the Hospitality Industry" by Mr. Pieter J Roux, Managing Director-PSD Development (Pty) Ltd and PSD Distribution (Pty) Ltd.
4. "An Amazing Network of Chefs: the WACS Family" Maximizing the Returns in Food & Beverage by Chef issur Gudmundsson, President-World Association of Chefs

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The 9Th Methodist Convention - "Spreading Scriptural Holiness, Transforming The Nation (Talk 2) - Part 10

Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong in his call to Malaysian Christians to be committed to the nation, listed out stiff challenges confronting them.

"We need to be caring towards the poor, homeless, etc. Can we do something to help them? Simply put, can Malaysian Christians take up social -caring role?" Bishop put the challenge to the congregation.

"Can we be an honest and moral community?" Bishop asked.

On the issue of corruption in Malaysia, Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong challenged Malaysian Christians to lead in anti-corruption. Bishop then gave a personsl testimony on how he avoided help from loaded Christians who obtained business contracts unethically.

Moving on further, Bishop made the stand of Malaysian Christians very clear: To fight for justice!

"If you are genuinely committed to transformation, you must be prepared to go on for years. Just take a look at William Wiberforce - it took him 46 years to repeal slavery laws in England - and you will appreciate how lengthy this nature of battle may be," Bishop said.
The VIPs posed for a group photo before the opening ceremony of Hoover Square and Hoover Mission House. Front row:YB Vincent Goh (first from left), Datuk & Datin Tiong Thai King (third & second from left), Rev Dr. Su Chi Ann (fifth from left), Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong (sixth from left), Rev kong Chong Lin (first from right), Datuk Hii Yii Peng (second from right), Honorary Bishop Rev Dr. Peter Choo (third from right), Dato Seri Wong Soon Koh & Datin Seri (fifth & fourth from right). Photo: Ting Leng Kieh

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senior Citizen Fellowship of Nyelong Park Methodist Church - "New Emerging Markets, New Economic Power"

We grabbed the opportunity to have a snapshot in front of the sanctuary.
The world has to face up to the rising new world order after the financial tsunami.

Senior Citizen Fellowship of Nyelong Park Methodist Church invited me to their fellowship gathering to explore on the new emerging markets this evening. I felt obliging and consented to it.
We departed Sibu at about 5:oo p.m., heading straight to Sarikei with no stop-over. Together with me were Yian, my niece and Raymond(acting as driver).
After a quick dinner at Sarikei's open food court, I called up Wong Kiong Sing for guidance to go to the church. Brother Kiong Sing was helpful enough to come to navigate us.
The talk "New Emerging Markets, New Economic Power" was timely. Although I overshot, my presentation was well received by the brothers and sisters of the senior citizen fellowship.
The fellowship presented me with a huge box of Chinese herbs as a token of appreciation. Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your gift of love!
The picture shows Rev Lau Hui Ming handing over the gift to me. In the centre is Wong Kiong Ding.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FHM 2009

FHM or Food Hotel Malaysia is essentially Malaysia's official Food & Hotel Show.
It was a grand event not to be missed by hoteliers and restaurateurs. For a stretch of 4 days at KL Convention Centre, the 10th Malaysian International Exhibition of Food, Drinks, Hotel, Restaurant & Foodservice Equipment, Supplies, Services and Related Technology exposed visitors to a wide range of the latest trends in the trade-related equipment and services.
I flew there to take part with my GM and F&B Manager to get ourselves updated.
The whole exhibition was really quite business-as-usual. I noted one show that particularly stood out was the spectacular teh tarik showmanship by En. Mior Sazali.
The booth was promoting teh tarik ingredients and Mior was there showing off his skillful pulling techniques to pull in crowds. Aromatic teh tarik was prepared on the spot for sampling.
I found the teh tarik irresistibly good! Thank you, Mior, for your very entertaining performance.

We Stand United!

It was a rare opportunity, so we would not let it slip by.

After the Dedication Service of the extended sanctuary of The Masland Methodist Church and the Opening Ceremony of Hoover Square and Hoover Mission House on August 16, we went for a round of the exhibition. Then, at the entrance of Hall A, Rev Kong Chong Lin, pastor-in-charge of The Masland Methodist Church, called for a snapshot together with Rev David Chiew.

It is definitely a photo for our file.

4th & 5th from right are Rev Kong Chong Lin and Rev David Chiew. 2nd, 3rd & 4th from left are Pastor Moh Chiou Ing, Pastor Tang Kah Hie and Pastor Ting Ee Ling of The Masland Methodist Church, all with the sweetest of their smiles over their faces. Photo: David Ling

Monday, August 24, 2009

His Amazing Story - Part 3

On John Wesley....
The legacy of James Matthew Hoover.

The gallery takes you through a lane of history.

Our cross-cultural works.

The bible that was air-flown and dropped from the air above Sibu.

An array of bibles.

The exhibition is for a duration of 6 days from 21st to 26th of August. Good comments flow in on the in-depth coverage and for the tremendous efforts being put in, it is a big thumb-up!
It is crowd-pulling! Visitors stream in to see for themselves the works of our church. Don't stand aloof, we are opening up to you.
A rare opportunity but it is now made available to you - an array of bibles are on display to open your eyes. One exceptionally stands out is a hard-cover English bible dating way back to 40s during the WW2 when Japanese occupied Sibu.
The Alliance Air-Force one day flew in with bibles and dropped them from the air above Sibu. Ho's family picked up one and kept it in good custody, handing it down from generation to generation.
It reminds me that, in a similar way, the words of God have got to be passed from generation to generation.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

His Amazing Story - Part 2

MAF of SCAC - a memorable group photo after our visit at the exhibition.
Rev David Chiew Ing Seng is as cheerful as ever.

We posed for a photo in front of the billboard of MAF of SCAC.

The exhibition is a meaningful project undertaken by SCAC in collaboration with The Masland Methodist Church. It bridges the church and the public, taking them to see galore church works.
I bumped into Rev David Chiew Ing Seng again at the site. I asked for a photo taken together with him. Rev David Chiew Ing Seng was the pastor-in-charge of The Masland Methodist Church when Yian and I tied the knot. He officiated our wedding service in The Masland Methodist Church. Rev David Chiew is truly a respectable pastor. May God continue to bless him in his service in Canada.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

His Amazing Story - Part 1

An exhibition themed "His Amazing Story" is presently on-going at Hoover Square and Hoover Mission House. The scale of it is pretty big and it is held in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the monuments constructed in remembrance of James Matthew Hoover, a missionary sent by God to serve Him in Sibu.

The exhibition takes up both Hoover Square and Hoover Mission House to put on display exhibits which are enriching to us, both in terms of the historical value of the heritage and the progressive aspects of our church development in Sarawak.

This afternoon, after the meeting of MAF of SCAC, we popped over to see for ourselves how God has raised up cinnitted Christians to build up Methodist Church in Sarawak.

Wow! The moment I stepped in, I was fascinated by the scale of the exhibition. Truly, I was like walking along a corridor showing the progression of God's work in Sibu and Sarawak. Essentially, the exhibition is like a sea of knowledge for church members to pick up, reflect on the past and give critical thinking in our outlook into the future.

MAF of SCAC is a participating body with a standing board, putting up for viewing the history and the current undertakings.

Come and partake of the exhibition. You would find it eye-opening to valuable sources of our church!

Friday, August 21, 2009

MAF of Sibu East District - Night of Excellence ( Jing Cai Zhe Ye)

2009年詩巫東教區成團 “精彩之夜”
秩 序 表
日期 : 2009 年 9 月 12 日 ( 星 期 六 )
時間 : 7.00 p.m.
地點 : 福 源 堂
講員 : 黃 開 和 牧 師
領會 : 劉 淑 娟 會 友 傳 道 與 陳 聯 啟 弟 兄
司琴 : 倪 小 明 姐 妹
領唱 : 錫 安 堂
安 靜 默 禱
宣召 : 詩篇 133 : 1
敬拜讚美 : 錫 安 堂
禱告 : 劉 淑 娟 會 友 傳 道
致歡迎詞 : 許 道 敏 主 席
節 目 呈 獻
(一) 四重唱 : 哦! 耶穌是我救主 ----------------------- 聖道堂
(二) 舞蹈 : 耶穌恩友 --------------------------福源堂
(三) 合唱 : 最知心的朋友 ----------------------------愛民堂
(四) 短劇 : 好鄰舍 ----------------------新安堂
(五) 合唱 : 最珍貴的角落 -----------------------衛斯里堂
信 息 分 享 : 黃 開 和 牧 師
(六) 錄影分享 : 做個環保人 , 愛我們的地球 ---------------宣道堂
(七) 分享, 獨唱 : 耶和華是愛 ------------------------天恩堂
(八) 短劇 : 浪子回頭 ------------------------錫安堂
(九) 唱遊 : 愛喜樂生命 ------------------------------平安堂
(十) 舞蹈 : 誏你感動 ---------------------------懷安堂
回 應 奉 獻 : 一同來作工
唱 獻 禮 頌
(十一) 唱遊 : 為主贏得這個城市 ------------------------宣恩堂
(十二) 口琴獨奏 : 1. 宣教的華人 ----------------實蘭溝佈道處
2. 感恩歌
(十三) 讚美操 : 1. 不從惡人的計謀 --------------------万民堂
2. 普天下向耶和華歡呼
(十四) 舞蹈 : 全然向你 ------------------------道安堂
(十五) 舞蹈 : 唱首山歌讚美神 ---------------------宣恩堂
(十六) 舞蹈 : 褔 -----------------------新福源堂

結束詩歌 : 耶和華祝褔滿滿
祝褔 : 黃開和教區長

注 :會后備有茶點

The programme for the district wide fellowship gathering of MAF of Sibu East District is just out from the oven. I just got a copy and am blogging here for sharing.

The fellowship night promises excellent presentations by the 15 MAFs to give praises to our God. You can't afford to miss it out!

See you at The Masland Methodist Church on Sept. 12 at 7:00 p.m.
The picture shows the sanctuary of The Masland Methodist Church. Photo: Philip Hii

The 9th Methodist Convention - Spreading Scriptural Holiness, Transforming The Nation (Talk 2) - Part 9

Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong emphasised that modern democratic society, with its concern for equality, human rights, freedom and justice did not emerge in any other culture, except the Christian culture of the west. "If Christians grasp this important fact, then we should want to defend these even much more than non-Christians around us," Bishop told the congregation.

"We want democracy. Christians should take the lead to defend the system. China is waking to democracy. Both Christians and non-Christians there strive hard for it," Bishop added.

Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong then put a challenge to the church members: How committed are we to Malaysia?

Bishop noted that a lot of Sibu Christians have migrated to other countries. "Don't talk about transformation if you are not committed to Malaysia," he pointed out.
The picture shows Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh (3rd from right) being presented with a memento after he officiated the opening ceremony of Hoover Square and Hoover Mission House. 3rd from left is Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong. Photo:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Extended Sanctuary, Hoover Square & Hoover Mission House

August 16 was the day that we gave thanks to God for the wonderful works He has done!

The two events were twinned to mark the grand finale of Hoover Project - the building of Hoover Mission House and Hoover Square, and the magnificent extension of the sanctuary of The Masland Methodist Church.

Both the dedication service of the extended sanctuary and the opening ceremony of Hoover Square together with Hoover Mission House were to give glorification to God.

The completion of Hoover Project has far-reaching significance in the works of Methodist Church in Sibu. Hallelujah!

Photo: Steve Ling

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Teh Tarik Chat With Tan Kee Hian

We turned the lazy Sunday afternoon into a session of interesting chat over teh tarik in Cafe Palmelia with Tan Kee Hian.

Kee Hian is on a home-visit trip back in Sibu now. I fixed up with him for the tea meet to get enlightened.

Being widely exposed, Tan Kee Hian offered views for some critical thinking on issues of interest, both locally and internationally.

From SCORE in Sarawak to President Obama in the States, Kee Hian opened our eyes to thought-provoking views.

In the course of the chatting, questions were posed to us. "Judge by project outcome, not by launch," Kee Hian said.

We ended the session with a group- photo taking.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Tea Gang Is Growing!

Our Tea Gang is growing!
It may soon outsize Meng Lei's office. We gave cheers to the growing gang!
Photo: Liong

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Avventure Nel Mondo On 20-Day Borneo Tour By Big Bikes

This group of Italian tourists are presently on a 20-day Borneo tour by big bikes. They stopped over for one night in Sibu on August 11.
Their enthusiasm is most admirable. The leader Vittorio Kulczycki told me that the big bikes were air-flown to Sarawak for this overland trip.