Saturday, August 22, 2009

His Amazing Story - Part 1

An exhibition themed "His Amazing Story" is presently on-going at Hoover Square and Hoover Mission House. The scale of it is pretty big and it is held in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the monuments constructed in remembrance of James Matthew Hoover, a missionary sent by God to serve Him in Sibu.

The exhibition takes up both Hoover Square and Hoover Mission House to put on display exhibits which are enriching to us, both in terms of the historical value of the heritage and the progressive aspects of our church development in Sarawak.

This afternoon, after the meeting of MAF of SCAC, we popped over to see for ourselves how God has raised up cinnitted Christians to build up Methodist Church in Sarawak.

Wow! The moment I stepped in, I was fascinated by the scale of the exhibition. Truly, I was like walking along a corridor showing the progression of God's work in Sibu and Sarawak. Essentially, the exhibition is like a sea of knowledge for church members to pick up, reflect on the past and give critical thinking in our outlook into the future.

MAF of SCAC is a participating body with a standing board, putting up for viewing the history and the current undertakings.

Come and partake of the exhibition. You would find it eye-opening to valuable sources of our church!


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