Friday, April 30, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇荣萬人佈道会)- Part 14

Pray for Sibu that all the sins on this piece of land be pardoned by God. Ask the compassionate God to cover every inch of the land with His precious blood, so that those who are depressed or lost in the dark may be set free. Pray also for the revival of Sibu.

The above poster shows Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong's Christmas Gospel Rally themed "The Guiding Star" in Taiwan in 2009.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 6

Down-to-earth, frank, pragmatic! This is the make-up of Robert Lau Junior, the candidate representing BN for the upcoming P212 Sibu by-election.

Some say Robert Lau Junior is a little bit green in politics. That may be true to certain extent, but let's look at his brighter side - he has all the zeal to serve rakyat and to make Sibu a better place.

BN is drumming up for support to ensure that the foothold is fortified. This fight is crucial in determining the timing for calling the next State Election for Sarawak and General Election for the whole nation.

Work hard, Robert Lau Junior!

The picture shows Robert Lau Junior at Special Olympics Sarawak State Games held in Sibu April 16-18. Photo: bengbeng

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇荣萬人佈道会)- Part 13

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong came to Sibu in 1983 at the invitation of Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference, Methodist Church to be the theme speaker at the First Youth Mission Camp (第一屆青年宣道大會). The mission camp was organised by MYF of SCAC and I was involved in this ministry. Praise Lord for the wonderful camp!

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong put himself to a tight schedule during the working stay in Sibu. In the daytime, he gave theme talk at the mission camp. At night, he preached in the evangelistic rally at Padang Sukan Tuanku Haji Bujang. Deep in my memory was on the first night when we had to stand in the torrential rain and got drenched to the skin to partake of the rally. Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong called on us to keep it as a living memory.

The above poster shows Dr. Stephen Tong Evangelistic Rallies of Los Angeles in 2007.

Monday, April 26, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 5

A new blog has just been born into our blogsphere! This Sibuian blogger is creating a space for herself to pour out her grievances against the politics in Malaysia generally and Sibu in particular.

I came to know about this politically-motivated blog from the comment she left in my blog.

This blog came at the right time when the by-election mood is running high in Sibu. Filling the air of Sibu now are the burning issues facing the local folks. Can we afford not to make a wise decision in casting our invaluable votes?

The blog name "B'U'Y Election (Sibu) " carries a metaphor. And the blog address is pretty catchy!

In this by-election, we have to keep our minds quite open.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄萬人佈道會) - Part 12

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu is drawing near and it is increasingly getting challenging. Concurrent with the rally in Sibu are P212 Sibu by-election campaign and Tua Pek Kong Festival. The by-election campaign is expected to be extremely heated and intense. This makes it the harder we have to pray to God for His guidance!

As Ephesians 6:18 reminds us,"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Saints."

Brothers and sisters, continue to pray with your loving heart for the evangelistic rally. Pray for the site decoration, security matters, transport arrangement, PA system, lighting controls, fine weather, medical standby, programmes, that God be in full control. Make no compromise in your prayer commitment for this great ministry!

The above picture shows the poster of "Stephen Tong Gospel Rally" in 2008 in Singapore.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄萬人佈道會) - Part 11

Be thankful to our almighty God for providing Sibu Town Square as venue for Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu.

Pray with urgency to loving God to make use of the town square to the fullest, cleanse the ground with His blood, guard the whole surroundings with angels , set the open ground free of commotions and accidental happenings during the rally from 10th to 12th May, 2010 and truss up the acts of the devils.
The photo shows Wisma Sanyan which is adjacent to Sibu Town Square.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Talk On Financial Planning And Investments (理财与投资)

Financial Planning is getting popular in this modern age. Like it or not, we have to learn to manage our wealth well so that we may be financially free.

Financial planning encompasses earnings, savings and investments with the aim to make your wealth grow.

Investments in this era are getting increasingly sophisticated. We have to manage our risks well if we do not want to get caught in straits. Take a look at the financial tsunami in 2008 that swept across the whole globe and you would appreciate my point better.

I have been invited by MAF of Ai Ming Methodist Church to give a talk titled "Financial Planning and Investments" on April 24 (Saturday) at 7:30 pm. Young adults and adults are getting pretty keen on wealth matter nowadays.

This is going to be the first time I go on stage to give talk on financial planning. All my previous talks centered on the contemporary economic issues.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇荣万人布道会)- Part 10

Challenge yourself to going for prayer march at Sibu Town Square in your loving support for Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In sibu!

Two days ago when I was at Sibu Town Square with Sidney walking to keep fit, I ran into sister Rui Xiang (瑞香姐). Touching on the upcoming evangelistic rally, sister Rui Xiang challenged me to go on prayer march while exercising at the town square.

The idea struck me as excellent. It really was hitting two birds with one stone! Brothers and sisters in Sibu, take it up to pray for the will of God to be done at Sibu Town Square!

Let's continue to pray hard for Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong for his bodily and spiritual well-being. Ask God to sharpen his oratorical skills, empower him with ability to expound the gospel with clarity and bless him with the best of health. Pray to God that Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong and his family may have the divine peace throughout the period of evangelistic rallies in Sarawak.
The picture shows part of Sibu Town Square. The walking track is ideal for exercising.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 4

DAP Sarawak still keeps it high up the sleeve as to who is going to be fielded for P212 Sibu By-Election.

It is getting a little bit tricky here. Is DAP just playing a nerve-racking game or is it still tossing up? The political watchers' stretched necks are getting a bit strained.

Initially, YB Wong Ho Leng, David Wong and Alice Lau were hotly tipped off. But it appears that the dust is just not quite settled yet. Some brewing may still be going on.

Alice Lau is a greenhorn. If she is picked, then there might be internal buzzing that she is by-passing or even jumping the queue.

YB Wong Ho Leng is very much an old hand. In the forthcoming by-election, he stands taller than the other DAP's hopefuls in terms of winning. But Ho Leng is already an ADUN. If he takes up P212 again, he might instigate squabble, saying he is "going to buffet counter with two plates".

David Wong is a DAP loyalist. For the past 15 years, he has been labouring away for the party. Some say he deserves to be given the armor to stand for the party in the coming by-election. Further more, David Wong has been quite well received by Sibuians. I came to know David when he was the branch manager of a finance company. He used to send his guests to Premier Hotel.

The delay in naming DAP's candidate manifests that some kind of bickering may be going on over the choice.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄萬人佈道會) - Part 9

Praise goes to God for His provision in abundance! At the start, we asked for 400 coworkers to help out in counseling and ushering. This afternoon, brother Yang Jing Ke (楊景科) informed that he has now enlisted 500 counselors and ushers for the evangelistic rally. It is heartening and we really have to thank God!

Let's pray with urgency to God to empower brother Yang Jing Ke and brother Wu De Chou (吳德湊) with divine wisdom to give effective training to the 500 recruits in such a way that the coworkers would be able to discharge the entrusted duties with glory to God!

As Ephesians 6: 10-12 teaches us: Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

The photo shows Dr. Stephen Tong preaching at Park Street Church.

Monday, April 19, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 3

The opposition parties in Sarawak were formally consolidated yesterday in Sibu under the banner of PR Sarawak.

The twist of the event has now given rise to a two-front battle for P212 Sibu by-election. With the onset of this development, some bloody back-stabbing in the last General Election would be done without this time. To a certain ectent, the building up of this unifying force might jack up DAP's chance.

But, given the circumstances prevailing in Sarawak, a two-front call still sounds a bit aloof. A lot of Sarawakians, especially those in the rural areas, still hold themselves back when it comes to dancing to the tune of a two-front system.

P212 Sibu by-election is going to be the second time in Sarawak that sky-changing call is being put to test. The electorate in Sibu have to exercise a fair bit of mental work now!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄萬人佈道會) - Part 8

Let's pray for brother Zhang Jia Peng (張嘉鵬) in his planning for publicity. Ask God to give him courage, strengthen his faith, enrich him with heavenly wisdom, that he is able to reach out through different channels to all the brothers and sisters in Sibu irrespective of their denominations, that they would respond to the call, and pray even harder that the message of the evangelistic rally would get to more non-believers.

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong came to Sibu in 1977 for the second time at the invitation of Methodist Church to preach in open space at Padang Sukan Haji Bujang. This evangelistic rally witnessed the work of Holy Spirit to save thousands of lost souls. At that time I was at Taylor's College in KL. From the newspaper clippings mailed to me by my father, I was very much touched by the whole evangelistic movement.

The photo shows Padang Sukan Haji Bujang. It was subsequently converted to Sibu Town Square. Photo: Philip Hii of The Star

Saturday, April 17, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 2

Dates for nomination and polls have now been fixed respectively to be 8th and 16th of May.

This by-election warfare is expected to be intense and explosive. As such, the momentum of it has started to gear up. The start-off appears to be at cyberspace. Facebook and, to a lesser degree now, blog are effective ways to reach out to the rakyat.

The technology has revolutionised campaigning work. The traditional modus operandi is still relevant, but without the aid of facebook or blog, you might be left behind.

Robert Lau Hui Yew is fast to utilise his facebook to the full to get across his political aspirations and views on the future of Sibu.

Sibu is now at the finishing end of the present developmental cycle, and it certainly has to move on. At this juncture, some burning issues are there to confront Sibuians : What would be our next developmental cycle? What is the future holding for us? Is there a way out for the Little Foochow?

This by-election gives the electorate a time to reflect on the pressing needs for Sibu.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇荣万人布道会)- Part 7

We call on you for lots of your prayer supprt. You may not be in Sibu, but never mind, just remember the evangelistic rally in your daily devotion.

Pray for the Working Cmmittee members, their planning and preparatioons. Ask God to strengthen their faith, enrich their wisdom, give them more strength, guide the Working Committee and all the co-workers to act in the unity of Holy Spirit to organise the rally, not basing on human power and ability, but relying on God to accoomplish His work in Sibu.
The photo shows Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong at one of the evangelistic movements.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 1

The air in Sibu is filled with the heat of the upcoming by-election. The fever is gripping the whole of Little Foochow now even though a date of it has not even been announced yet. When you stroll in the town, you start to feel the steam.
As hotly speculated, Junior Robert Lau (as popularly referred to now by the local folks) is almost confirmed to stand in the by-election under the banner of BN.
Junior Robert Lau is fast rising up in SUPP Sibu to be the second echelon in party leadership. If he sails through the BE, then we should see the ushering in of Robert Lau Hui Yew's era.
Junior Robert Lau should stand to benefit from the late Datuk Robert Lau syndrome. However, not to be discounted is the aftermath of the 308 political tsunami.
The legacy of the late Datuk Robert Lau leaves much for the electorate to reflect upon. What do they want now? A promise to change the sky or a politician with a pragmatic approach?
Sibuians have to make a choice now!
The second photo shows Junior Robert Lau at 'Sibu In The Blue Ocean", an open forum given by Mr. Tan Kee Hian held on November 2 last year at Kingwood Hotel. Junior Robert Lau subsequently penned an article to share his views on the outlook for Sibu.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄萬人佈道會) - Part 6

Sibu Town Square shall be the venue where the gospel is to be preached to thousands of Sibuians during the upcoming evangelistic rally to be held from 10th to 12th of May.

Reputedly the largest town square in Malaysia, Sibu Town Square is ideal for the evangelistic rally event. Praise Lord that open-space evangelising in this manner and magnitude is still permissible in Sibu.

Thank you, God, for the opportunity freely available to us in Sibu to preach gospel in such large scale. Help us to learn to value and make full use of it to your glory. Amen

Photo: Wong Meng Lei

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄萬人佈道會) - Part 5

The theme of the evangelistic rally is "Power of Belief". Towards organising this God-driven rally at Sibu Town Square, the Working Committee calls on all brothers and sisters to partake of this ministry in one way or another.

You can help out to make the evangelistic rally an accomplishment to the glory of our God! If you are Mandarin-illiterate, then just join us in daily prayer.

A congregation of 10,000 per night is achievable so long as we are all committed to the ministry in the name of our God!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄佈道會) - Part4

This is the prayer list for your daily devotion. Join in to be one of the prayer mates. Let's put our hands together and ask for the will of God to be graciously done in Sibu!

Strengthen our faith, loving God, as we rely on your grace. Amen

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇栄佈道會) - Part3

The Working Committee of Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu calls it a spiritual battle. As such, lots of prayer support is called for.

Prayer List for the evangelistic rally is out for all the prayer mates. Be part of it! Devote your daily quiet time to praying for the lost souls in Sibu. As Ephesians 6:18 says: And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Saints.

The Working Committee is enlisting 400 counselors to help out in the rally. If you are Mandarin-literate and feel burdened, step forward to offer yourself in this meaningful ministry. If you are far-away and not able to partake of the work, then just offer your prayer support.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sibu Has Lost An Outstanding Political Leader

YB Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew's demise was a shock in Sibu.

Although Robert Lau was controversial at times in his political career, he was admittedly a charismatic leader. His contributions to Sibu during his tenure as MP of Sibu are noteworthy.

My salute to an outstanding Sibu leader!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇荣布道会)- Part 2

The news of Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu came out in Sin Chew Daily yesterday. According to the press release, the evangelistic rally has been scheduled to be held on 10th and 12th of May at Sibu Town Square. The evening of May 11 has been set aside for Q&A during which audience may pose questions to Stephen Tong.

The evangelistic rally is jointly organised by Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International and Kuching Reformed Gospel Fellowship (古晋归正福音团契). Let us give them a big hand for the tremendous efforts to bring Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong to come to Sibu to let the words of God to speak through him.

The organiser plans to gather 30,000 Sibuians to turn out for the rally. It is truly a spiritual challenge! The organiser needs a lot of you to put hands together, especially in prayers.

It is compelling for all God-loving Christians to give their prayer support to the evangelistic rally. Make it your daily prayer item to call upon God to move more lost souls to step forward to the rally.

Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇荣布道会)- Part 1

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong shall be in Sibu in May for a large-scale evangelistic rally to be held at Sibu Town Square. This is heartening to all those who are thirsty for God's words.

Stephen Tong is an Indonesian Reformed evangelist, Theologian and Christian philospher. A high-powered preacher, Stephen Tong's sermons touched the hearts of millions of people over the 50 years of his ministry.

In 1975 when Stephen Tong first came to Sibu, God spoke through him to thousands of Sibuians in Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church. The Holy Spirit was at work to uplift and move countless of brothers and sisters during the rallies.

May God lead through the upcoming evangelistic rally of Stephen Tong and set the Holy Spirit to work to the fullest.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All The Smiles From Russia

It has been heartwarming to receive calls from Hock Lai in a land far-away from Sibu.

During his last trip back, he promised to share some of his lovely shots in Russia....

...and, here it is!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Friday in Solomon Islands 2010

It was a wonderful experience serving lord together with Peter Goh in MAF of Sibu East District in the years 2007 and 2008. I cherish the very brotherly fellowship at the MAF with Peter.

Over the years in MAF, I came to know Peter as a good brother who is obliging and multitalented. You might be taken by surprise to learn that Peter is a skilled carpenter although he worked as a radio station technician.

Peter shared with me his first Good Friday in Solomon Islands. He came across this Good Friday procession showing cross-carrying Jesus Christ being whipped by the Roman soldiers.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Calling From Far-Away Solomon Islands

Two days ago I had this call by Peter Goh from far-away Solomon Islands with a heartwarming touch.
Peter informed us at the beginning of the year that he would be leaving Sibu for a new venture after Lunar New Year. Deep down in my heart I wished Peter all the best.
Energetic and talented as Peter is, I am sure God has designed a purpose for him to move on. Now in Solomon Islands, I have confidence that Peter would serve Lord equally well.
Peter, please move on with mighty steps!
The first photo shows Peter Goh in front of Wesley United Church in Solomon Islands.
The second photo shows the church service in progress.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday 2010

We went to The Masland Methodist Church for Good Friday church service this morning with a heart laden with grief over the sufferings that our Lord Jesus Christ endured for the sake of our sins.
The front page of the programme sheet carries Romans 5: 7-8 which reads: Indeed rarely will anyone die for a righteous person - though perhaps for a good person someone might actually dare to die. But God proves His love for us in that while we still were sinners Christ died for us.
Let us reflect on the verse.