Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 4

DAP Sarawak still keeps it high up the sleeve as to who is going to be fielded for P212 Sibu By-Election.

It is getting a little bit tricky here. Is DAP just playing a nerve-racking game or is it still tossing up? The political watchers' stretched necks are getting a bit strained.

Initially, YB Wong Ho Leng, David Wong and Alice Lau were hotly tipped off. But it appears that the dust is just not quite settled yet. Some brewing may still be going on.

Alice Lau is a greenhorn. If she is picked, then there might be internal buzzing that she is by-passing or even jumping the queue.

YB Wong Ho Leng is very much an old hand. In the forthcoming by-election, he stands taller than the other DAP's hopefuls in terms of winning. But Ho Leng is already an ADUN. If he takes up P212 again, he might instigate squabble, saying he is "going to buffet counter with two plates".

David Wong is a DAP loyalist. For the past 15 years, he has been labouring away for the party. Some say he deserves to be given the armor to stand for the party in the coming by-election. Further more, David Wong has been quite well received by Sibuians. I came to know David when he was the branch manager of a finance company. He used to send his guests to Premier Hotel.

The delay in naming DAP's candidate manifests that some kind of bickering may be going on over the choice.


Anonymous said...

Why not Wong Ho Leng?He doesnt walk the talk.Plus he has conflict of interest(business dealing with a BN Datuk)So you only see him attacking the deceased Datuk Robert Lau and not his business boss.This man is a hypocrite.I surely dont want this man to be my YB.

Why not Alice Lau?Do you want to turn Sibu town into another gangster town?Her family is forever associated with gangsterism.I wonder why Mawan's party SDPD and DAP Sarawak would even consider taking gangsters as their members.

So my bet goes to David Wong.

Anonymous said...

I think it gets a bit tricky when the news reported that he said RLHY is his friend and they play badminton together. At some point, I afraid if the politics is just a kind of profession. They act as enemies in front of the media and parliament/state legislative assembly, and are friends at all other times. That means, there are also a lot of under-table dealings that we are not aware of.

Anonymous said...

I am also not certain about the games the opposition is playing. Why they cannot tell the people about the candidate now? I think it is best to tell sooner so that the candidate can have wide exposure to the public and let the public understand him/her better.

Although the campaign has not started officially, but the ruling party is gaining a step ahead of the opposition by advertising the candidate.

Over the past 10-20 years, did the 'no tell' strategy work toward the advantage of the opposition? I afraid the answer is no. So the opposition please wake up! Don't get buried under the taiji martial art.

nelson said...

I think they should be friends and they can play badminton and etc together. all the previous US presidents will help the current president regardless or their parties. Somehow here in Asia, it's like 2 enemies that cannot be forgiven, their children cannot be together and etc.

Anonymous said...

get on with it....go Robert Lau Hui Yew and the oppositions had always given lips service but never delivered on their promises to the community!!!walk the talk