Saturday, June 26, 2010

MPI - The 17Th Graduation Ceremony

Some board members of MPI posing for a shot.
Graduates lining up for Platform of Procession.

Platform of Procession in progress.

Mr. Wilson Jih Ren chang, Chairman of MPI Board, giving a welcoming address.

The audience in full attention.

Some were caught busy sending messages.

Mdm. Judy Wong, CEO/Principal of MPI, making a speech.

Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ang, President of SCAC, giving a keynote speech.

The choir giving a number.
The VIPs - (left to right) Mr. Hii Ching Chiong (Honorary Chairman of MPI), Datuk Kau Hieng Ing (Honorary Chairman of MPI), Rev. Dr. Su, Mdm. Judy Wong & Mr. Wilson Chang.

The presentation drew rounds of applause!
James Ng, polio-stricken, made his way up to the podium to receive his Diploma in Business Management. His strong will is most admirable! On his side is Rev. Su.
James Ng has every cause to beam with satisfaction.
Photoshooting session.
James with Mdm. Judy Wong at the tea reception.
I felt honoured to have been invited to partake of the grand 17th Graduation Ceremony of Methodist Pilley Institute (MPI) at Regalia Ballroom, Kingwood Hotel this morning at 9:00 am.

MPI is a locally renowned institution of higher learning. It has over the years built up strength in the courses it offers, especially in accounting. My son Allen is doing CAT in the institute and I have confidence in it giving quality education.

When I arrived this morning, I was ushered to the front row to take my seat. The whole setting of the ballroom was impressive, showing meticulous care having been taken into in organising the ceremony. Mdm. Wong Duang Ding seated next to me and we had had some interesting sharing on the recent plunge in AUD whilst waiting for the function to kick off.

From procession of platform party to benediction, the whole proceeding was a smooth run with excellent timing to keep it according to the programme. I give a thumb up to function co-ordinator for that.

Mr. Wilson Jih Ren Chang, Chairman of Board of Management, in his welcoming speech said that we must embrace change in education in the new challenging era.

Judy Wong, CEO/Principal of MPI, stressed the importance of life-long learning. In her speech, she disclosed that MPI will launch Centre of Life-long Learning in July.

Rev. Dr. Dato' Su Chii Ann, President of SCAC, called on the audience to live a rich life. "Enrichment comes from God," Rev. Su said.

The MC requested the audience to refrain from photoshooting when the proceeding was in progress. As such, I have no photos to share with you. However, I have something in mind for the readers. A short while ago, Terrence Tan of MPI promised to e-mail some of his shots to me for blogging purposes. They would be uploaded as soon as I receive them.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 18

This is a new blog by a seasoned player in the blogsphere. wahahahaha is giving an aftershock effect following the election grants to the four Methodist churches before the polling of the recent P212 Sibu By-Election.

The posts in the blog have excessive twisting of words here and there without succinct touching on the core of the issue - election corrupt practice.

If you are Mandarin literate, you may read through with an open mind.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Local Delights At Bandong

Bandong is a popular food center in Sibu. It has become a must for visitors from outstation. This is the place where you find all the enticing local delights.

My sister King is back in Sibu for a short holiday. Bandong is our obvious choice for eating out.

Bandong is multi-stall. The operators are chiefly Malays with some Chinese. Competition for business is pretty tense. We were practically swamped with hawking by stall owners upon entering the place.

It was an enjoyable dinner at a decent price. I strongly recommend it to you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Mint Chocolate Cheese Cake
Western Chicken Fillets With Sauce
Superior Pineapple Fried Rice
Herbal Eggs
Gung Bao Squid
Siaw Mei
Fish Maw Soup

Today is Father's Day! Dads through out the world felt left out and neglected when Mother's Day was widely celebrated last month. Now is the time for them to get some back!

I was treated to a superb homecooked dinner. And Yian came out with a Mint Chocolate Cheese Cake to make the occasion even more memorable.
Happy Father's Day to all dads!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Duanwu Festival - Egg Standing Upright (立蛋)

Duanwu Festival is also referred to as Summer Solstice. It occurs exactly when the Earth's axial tilt is closest to the sun. This day we experience the longest period of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our tradition tells us that at 12:00 noon on Summer Solstice/Duanwu Festival, we are able to make an egg stand upright on its own (立蛋). This is the only instant in a year that we may defy the law of gravitation.

Yian tried out at 12:00 noon today and she did it! Wow!

Duanwu Festival 2010

Zongzi stuffed with chestnut, salted egg yolk, mushroom and spiced up pork. This homemade dumpling is exceedingly delicious!
Homemade Roasted chicken - This dish is my mom's favourite!

Orange and plum-flavoured pork fillet.

Rendang zongzi - coconut milk-flavoured glutinous rice stuffed with rendang pork and wrapped in pandan leaves. It is irresistibly good!

Mixed vegetables dish.

Pyramid-shaped zongzi - It is a must for Duanwu Festival!

Deluxe Fried Noodles in Foochow style.

Fried Whole Egg with meat filling.

Mouth-watering Salad Fish Fillet.

My childhood favourite - Fried bread with meat filling.

Today is Duanwu Festival or Dragon Boat Festival. Traditionally it goes with zongzi - a pyramid-shaped dumpling. Dragon Boat Racing is still popular in places like China and Hong Kong. But locally this tradition is almost lost!

Ever since I started blogging, I never missed to cover this festival. Our lovely culture and the enticing zongzi are the reasons!

The legend of Duanwu Festival tells us to be patriotic. Love Malaysia and do all you can to help this beautiful land to prosper!

Happy Duanwu to all my Chinese readers.

Monday, June 14, 2010


It took slightly more than four months for this extraordinary book "Aftershock" to reach me.
Aftershock was coauthored by David Wiedemer, Robert Wiedemer and Cindy Spitzer after the breakout of the financial tsunami in 2008. They made their names with their first book America's Bubble Economy which predicted the subprime credit meltdown well in advance.
I still remember way back in 2006, I started to get warnings about the imminent financial crisis in USA. For those who took heed to the calls, they would have profited from the burst of the bubble.
Now they have come out with another one for you as investor to " Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown".
I believe it is a great book to read!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Economic Model & 10th Malaysia Plan

This article in Malaysiakini is really food for thought. If you are literate in Mandarin, take a few minutes off to read through.

刘嘉铭 6月12日 晚上8点36分

在《第十大马计划》被揭与新经济模式相互抵触后,社会经济与环境研究中心(SERI)高级研究员杜乾焕今天也加入批评的行列,更点出此项经济计划,充斥着政治考量。“土著议程的复辟一定程度反映了纳吉的顾虑。他或许认为,反正赢不回华裔的支持,何不巩固马来基本盘。”杜乾焕是今早在社会经济与环境研究中心主办的“《第十大马计划》与新经济模式”圆桌论坛上,如此表示。另外两名主讲人是马来亚大学经济管理学院教授拉惹拉西亚(Rajah Rasiah)及升旗山国会议员刘镇东。社会经济与环境机构也是槟州政府的智库,该论坛共获约40人出席。仍强调种族未关注阶级杜乾焕(左图)不否认,新经济模式的构思有所突破,即首度专注照顾最低基层的40%家庭,一改以往仅顾及消灭绝对贫穷,忽略相对贫困的盲点。但他点出,新经济模式与《第十大马计划》的主要冲突点,在于前者提出依据需求的扶弱政策,淡化种族色彩。唯后者仍提出30%固打的土著议程。“《第十大马计划》没有提到如何缩小贫富鸿沟的详情,或是对阶级问题的关注。相反的仍强调种族因素。”“两者根本是背道而驰。”守旧政策约束专才机构杜乾焕对我国如何跨越 “中等收入陷阱",表示极为关注。针对首相署在《第十大马计划》下将设立专才机构(Talent Corporation),他提醒,当局曾推行三个类似的计划,唯因未对症下药而皆失败告终。他对专才机构的成效存疑,因为我国下滑的教育程度、移民条例及守旧的政策将约束了人才库(talent pool)的建造。“最关键的是,移民者觉得国家前景不乐观与遭受不平等的待遇。”他补充,大马不仅人才外流,也无力吸引外国专才到来。根据他取得的资料,大马共流失了上百万名大学毕业生到新加坡、美国、澳洲、台湾及香港等地区服务。投国阵反对票阻消费税此外,杜乾焕担心,私营化将进一步侵蚀人民的公共福利。其中,保健制度越来越缺乏关怀及排他,正突现政府常保留了病人买单的观念。他接着点出,大马的财务策略正从累进的所得税,转向间接性的递减税制。针对此,他不忘暗示,人民应通过投票否决国阵政府,以阻此趋势恶化。“消费税就是一个例子,我相信国阵不会放弃落实。因此,你们在选举时应该知道怎样做。”杜乾焕也不认同,政府常宣称津贴是财政赤字的祸首,需加以削减而向穷人开刀。虽然他同意检讨津贴制度,但不是彻底撤消,特别是针对穷人的保健、教育及公共交通的津贴。“减少赤字可通过提高收入、减少开销或两者兼施。政府如果可削减各领域,特别是军购上的挥霍、浪费与纰漏,则可以取得一样的成果。”不公劳工政策阻碍平等最后,杜乾焕提出,不公平的劳工政策是建立一个平等社会的绊脚石。目前,我国的工运软弱,持续依赖外劳,被裁退的员工则缺乏社会安全网。他认为,依赖私人机构的发展策略或可促进经济成长,但未必可打造一个更加平等的社会。“社会差距的扩大,突现了自由企业经济的缺陷与失灵。因此,国家需要干预,纠正以上缺点。但如果仍秉持保守及右翼的意识形态,一切都是徒然。”

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ting Cheng Kai & Moni Lau

I attended the wedding banquet hosted by Mr. & Mrs John Ting Sik Kang on the auspicious occasion of the holy matrimony of their second son Cheng Kai with Moni this evening at 旺喜楼, the largest Chinese restaurant in Sibu.

It was truly a grand reception dinner. I paid particular attention to the operation of the restaurant and I was quite impressed with the serving aspect.

Cheng Kai got to have inputted a lot of creative thinking into the table gift to come out with "Twin Happiness" key chains.

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs John Ting, for the wonderful dinner.

My thanks also go to Mr. & Mrs Lau Tiong Kii for their invitation. Tiong Kii is a loyal member of our tea gang. We are all looking forward to his return!

Friday, June 4, 2010

MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church

Our visitation this evening took us to MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church at Jalan Brooke Drive.

The programme of the fellowship gathering was movie appreciation. It was on the life of Roy Chiao Hung - his role in the movie circle as a dedicated Christian. The show was simply a testimony of Roy Chiao Hung's love for God and how God worked through him.

After the gathering, we posed for a group photo. Fouth from right on the front row is Pastor Yong.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gawai Dayak Visit 2010

Group photo of the visitors with John Bantan's family.
Happy family of John Bantan. Second and third from left are John's missus and John Bantan.

Festive Open House is a Malaysian tradition well preserved and practised by all racial groups to upkeep admirable harmony.
In the same way, Dayak groups open up their longhouses or modern houses in towns to welcome their visitors. They extend their hospitality to all well wishers coming for festive visits.
This morning I went with Yian to pay a Gawai visit to John Bandan, Security Chief of Premier Hotel. John bought a terrace intermediate unit last year at Bukit Aup. This is his second Gawai celebration in his new house.
When we arrived there, the house was already packed with visitors. The atmosphere was warm and the air was filled with festive joy. John took us to sample his homecooked delicacies. Wow, the taste was pretty tempting!
No Gawai Dayak goes without tuak! John and his missus made rounds taking visitors to cheer the festival with tuak. This is Dayak culture and it is very heartwarming.
Seeing that the family of John Bantan was high in festive mood, I asked them to pose for me to snap a family photo for them.
Before we left, we posed for a group photo with John's family.