Saturday, June 26, 2010

MPI - The 17Th Graduation Ceremony

Some board members of MPI posing for a shot.
Graduates lining up for Platform of Procession.

Platform of Procession in progress.

Mr. Wilson Jih Ren chang, Chairman of MPI Board, giving a welcoming address.

The audience in full attention.

Some were caught busy sending messages.

Mdm. Judy Wong, CEO/Principal of MPI, making a speech.

Rev. Dr. Su Chii Ang, President of SCAC, giving a keynote speech.

The choir giving a number.
The VIPs - (left to right) Mr. Hii Ching Chiong (Honorary Chairman of MPI), Datuk Kau Hieng Ing (Honorary Chairman of MPI), Rev. Dr. Su, Mdm. Judy Wong & Mr. Wilson Chang.

The presentation drew rounds of applause!
James Ng, polio-stricken, made his way up to the podium to receive his Diploma in Business Management. His strong will is most admirable! On his side is Rev. Su.
James Ng has every cause to beam with satisfaction.
Photoshooting session.
James with Mdm. Judy Wong at the tea reception.
I felt honoured to have been invited to partake of the grand 17th Graduation Ceremony of Methodist Pilley Institute (MPI) at Regalia Ballroom, Kingwood Hotel this morning at 9:00 am.

MPI is a locally renowned institution of higher learning. It has over the years built up strength in the courses it offers, especially in accounting. My son Allen is doing CAT in the institute and I have confidence in it giving quality education.

When I arrived this morning, I was ushered to the front row to take my seat. The whole setting of the ballroom was impressive, showing meticulous care having been taken into in organising the ceremony. Mdm. Wong Duang Ding seated next to me and we had had some interesting sharing on the recent plunge in AUD whilst waiting for the function to kick off.

From procession of platform party to benediction, the whole proceeding was a smooth run with excellent timing to keep it according to the programme. I give a thumb up to function co-ordinator for that.

Mr. Wilson Jih Ren Chang, Chairman of Board of Management, in his welcoming speech said that we must embrace change in education in the new challenging era.

Judy Wong, CEO/Principal of MPI, stressed the importance of life-long learning. In her speech, she disclosed that MPI will launch Centre of Life-long Learning in July.

Rev. Dr. Dato' Su Chii Ann, President of SCAC, called on the audience to live a rich life. "Enrichment comes from God," Rev. Su said.

The MC requested the audience to refrain from photoshooting when the proceeding was in progress. As such, I have no photos to share with you. However, I have something in mind for the readers. A short while ago, Terrence Tan of MPI promised to e-mail some of his shots to me for blogging purposes. They would be uploaded as soon as I receive them.

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