Friday, July 2, 2010

MAF of Dao Ang Methodist Church

Dao Ang Methodist Church is located on the other side of Rajang River at Sg. Assan.

This evening we crossed Rajang Bridge to pay a visit to MAF of Dao Ang Methodist Church. Praise Lord that we arrived there safely without missing our way. Three years ago I made a blunder and had to take more than forty-five minutes to reach the church.
The gathering tonight was bible study on the gospel book of John. Rev. Toh led the session with some interesting open discussion.
I was invited to share on the work of MAF of Sibu East District. Brother Leng Kieh praised Lord with a harmonica presentation.
We ended the gathering with a group photo taking.


Hocklai said...

Brother Tony,

I can still remember I went there with you few years ago during my term serving with the East District Adult Fellowship, we have wonderful time with the brother and sister at Dao Ang Methodist Church. From your photo I saw the mother of brother See Kuong and brother See Wei with them during the fellowship gathering.
Regards, Hock Lai

Tony Hii said...

Hock Lai, it was a wonderful visit to the MAF.

How is life now in Russia? Does that part of the world treat you well? When are you coming home for holiday?