Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Today is Duanwu Festival

During my childhood, I loved Duanwu Festival- zongzi, sumptuous dinner on the festival day and the legend of it all stay vividly clear in my memories.

Wrapping zongzi was very much an affair of my granny and mom who were skilled over the years. As for the siblings, we were just bystanders watching with much anticipation.

During these old days, zongzi were boiled by burning wood in cooking-oil tin (measuring 2.5'x1') with the top cut open. The aroma of the steaming zongzi was just irresistibly tempting.

It was lots of fun eating zongzi the whole family together which I cherish very much.

Never missed during the festival was the telling of the story of the legendary Qu Yuan by dad.

My childhood days are just most memorable! How nice it would be if time could flow back.


Yian spent the afternoon preparing a lot of home dishes for the dinner. Her culinary skill deserves my word of praise-more often than not she comes up with home-cooked dishes that are quite mouth-watering.

We had for dinner this evening some of her specialties: Fish fillets with prune sauce, fried eggs with sea-cucumber, deep-fried meat ball, deluxe fried noodles, satay ayam with sauce, roasted chicken, etc.

My family had a wonderful time together with the good foods.

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