Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WFCMC 5th Mission Convention

This morning Premier Hotel received the first group of participants of WFCMC 5th Mission Convention. The convention, due to kick off tomorrow, will have its grand opening ceremony at 7:00 pm in RH Hotel.
The early birds are all West Malaysians- small in number but inevitably with some technical crop-ups at the check-in point. However, with fast handling, all of them settled down in their respective rooms with no undue delay.
As a hearty welcome, one horizontal and two vertical banners are prominently put up at the main entrance and in the lobby to usher in participants from all over. A welcome warm touch will do wonders, believe me!
The title of the convention was erroneously written in my post on June 18. It should be correctly called World Federation Of Chinese Methodist Churches 5th Mission Convention. This was entirely an oversight on my part. My apology goes to those concerned.
Golden opportunity, indeed, it is for Sibu to open up its hidden paradise to such a big group from worldwide. We should value it.

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