Thursday, June 21, 2007

WFCMC 5th Mission Convention- Day 1

Most of the participants from West Malaysia arrived this morning by AirAsia flight, thus making the reception counter jammed with crowds. They were all eager to check in and get settled down for a rest after a tiring flight.

Our challenge is to provide good service to guests. This includes efficient check-in with tolerable queue-up time. All tired out guests would crave for fast check-in to drop their luggages for a rest. If they have to be held up for unduly long at the reception counter, our experience tells us that their patience would be worn away and might soon turn into grumble.

We were satisfied with the check-in job this morning-efficient and courteous, in return with some encouraging comments. Praise Lord for that!

The participants had their dinner at Blue Splendour Restaurant in Wisma Sanyan. It got to be an experience for most of them to sample the typical local foods.

The grand opening ceremony started sharp at 7:00 pm in RH Hotel. It was attended by approximately 1600 Methodist Church members.

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