Friday, June 22, 2007

WFCMC 5th Mission Convention-Day 2

I was enlisted as a volunteer of the convention. Having an opportunity to serve such a big group with diverse nationalities for good cause is a blessing not to be missed- because if you let it slip by, you have to wait for another 30 years.

Volunteers are support group to provide back-up services without which the whole machinery would not be functional. I have high regard for this role-in fact I grabbed it when given.

We helped out in attending to tea breaks, lunch and dinner in the role of ushers- simple but important.

All of us put in our best efforts to make the participants feel homely- and, so far, we have positive responses.

The programme for this evening was Welcome Banquet at the Sibu Trade Exhibition Center. Grand in scale, the banquet took up the whole capacity of the center, laying out a total of 230 tables for 2300 guests. The exhibition is, perhaps, as of now, the largest function hall in Sibu.

The eight-course dinner was served with speeches and presentations in intervals. It concluded with a benediction by Rev Bill Anderson, Chair of Birmingham District, UK.

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