Saturday, June 23, 2007

WFCMC 5th Mission Convention- Day 3

The morning tea break is fixed at 10:40 am- right in timing for a stretch and freshening up after talks by high-powered speakers.

The huge group has to be split into three for the break respectively at pool-side, on levels one and two.

Yesterday morning, the split turned out to be overcrowding on level 2 where the ballroom is located. This scenario was hardly a surprise- human desire is to take advantage of convenience, and the tea counter outside the ballroom is certainly much more conveniently located than the one on level 1.

Break time provides an excellent opportunity for fellowship- you see, mingling with the crowds is not easily available in a tightly scheduled convention like this. Everybody seemed to be grabbing minutes and seconds to get the most out of it. What a wonderful scene it was!

Watching the crowds having fellowship brought back many memories of my student life in Australia when I was with Oversea Christian Fellowship. Every fellowship gathering then ended with a tea break- not so much to refresh but to use it to hold back the crowds for an even closer fellowship time. I truly loved it!

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