Sunday, June 24, 2007

Editing on old posts

Bloggers are actually at liberty to go back to edit their old posts. This feature is provided for in my blog and, sadly, I was wholly not aware of it until two days ago.

I inadvertently misspelt and omitted crucial words, and, worse still, I quoted the title of the mission convention erroneously which I felt miserably upset. I remember I told Allen that the mistakes were not retrievable and I had to live with them-just imagine how terrible it would be!

This discovery, therefore, excited me greatly and put me at ease. I tried it out immediately and- great, all my spotted errors have now been rectified.

The mistakes were like thorns in my flesh- painfully uncomfortable. I had a strong urge to ease off- and the only way was to remove them. And now they have gone away. What a relief!

During my childhood, playful as I was, I used to get thorns pierced through my skin. Sharply painful, I would call my mom to remove them by using a needle.

From this I learned one thing- thorns must be got rid of and, likewise, mistakes have to be rectified for relief to set in.

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