Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ting Cheng Kai & Moni Lau

I attended the wedding banquet hosted by Mr. & Mrs John Ting Sik Kang on the auspicious occasion of the holy matrimony of their second son Cheng Kai with Moni this evening at 旺喜楼, the largest Chinese restaurant in Sibu.

It was truly a grand reception dinner. I paid particular attention to the operation of the restaurant and I was quite impressed with the serving aspect.

Cheng Kai got to have inputted a lot of creative thinking into the table gift to come out with "Twin Happiness" key chains.

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs John Ting, for the wonderful dinner.

My thanks also go to Mr. & Mrs Lau Tiong Kii for their invitation. Tiong Kii is a loyal member of our tea gang. We are all looking forward to his return!

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