Sunday, June 8, 2008

Duang Wu Festival Amidst Prevalent Fear of Inflation

Kopitiam acted fast against the onslaught of the rising cost by shrinking food portions served.

When I went with my family patronizing our regular kopitiam brfore proceeding to Sunday service, we noted with astonishment the smaller than usual portions served for mee hoon goreng and kampua mee.

Alas, the latest hike has hardly added to their food cost. My goodness, they took one step too fast!

Homecooking is one way to beat the prevalent inflation. Yian spent the afternoon to come out with 8 delicacies to feast the family on this auspicious Duang Wu Festival.

This Duang Wu shall be remembered for being besieged by inflation fear!


Anonymous said...

At least you still can have a decent meal together with your family. At the end of the day, we all have to survive with what money we have.

Bengbeng said...

they r just as worried as any of us. it is now every one for himself. as they say a fool n his money are soon parted. we should indeed b prudent in our spending for those who are middle class n below.

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, the dinner was for the festive joy.

bengbeng, the explosive inflation is going to sweep over the new emerging markets.