Monday, June 9, 2008

Wan king - A kopitiam Taukeh

Sibu town is high in kopitiam density. Unofficial statistics told me that the number is quite close to 600. This is quite striking in a small place like Sibu. Kopitiams may easily rank top in terms of number among the shops in Sibu.

Wan King is a typical kopitiam taukeh - diligent and faithful to his trade. He has been running Palace Cafe for slightly over 8 years with his heart - and he enjoys it.

Wan King's kopi-o and tehsi are distinguishably good - and I especially love his creamy tehsi kosong. Frankly he told me he never bargains away the quality - and that alone makes his hot beverages stand out.

This kopitiam taukeh is a keen learner. At his spare time, he has been attending English tuition class to upgrade his language proficiency. Sometimes we have light moments sharing over common English grammatical errors.

Life is meant to be fun-filled - don't make ir too tense!


Anonymous said...

Yes. When you work, you work hard. When you play, you play hard. A balanced individual is better than a workaholic or a lazy person.

Anonymous said...

This is my motto...
Work hard,Play harder!

Anonymous said...

May be we can have some taochiu (head hand) certificates, such as kopi-o, kampua, etc., from Sibu. Training courses can be offered.

Tony Hii said...

anonymous, do let our hair down when we are off!

anonymous, it is a good idea so that the tradition can be passed on.