Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarawak's Authentic Handicrafts At Lieng Tee

Sarawak is rich in cultural heritage. This is our pride and over the years, tourists from far and near have been drawn in to experience our diverse cultures.

One notable cultural attraction is our native handicrafts which have long become popular souvenirs for collection by tourists. Even domestic travellers from other states are fascinated by the local handicrafts by our natives.

Located on the ground floor of Sarawak House Complex, Lieng Tee Flower Shop is one of the renowned handicraft shops with a comprehensive range of products in Sibu. It is perhaps the most well-stocked handicraft dealer in the towm.

Sarawak House Complex is annexed to Premier Hotel (http://www.premierh.com.my/ ). As such, I conveniently recommend my guests who are handicraft enthusiasts to Lieng Tee Flower Shop.

As a matter of fact, Lieng Tee Flower Shop plays an important role in tourism industry. I recall the days before Lieng Tee going into this trade in full swing, I had had a hard time to direct the tourists who were on the look-out for native handicrafts to a right place.

In tourism development, we have got to provide the right products!

The picture shows Lieng Tee Flower shop in Sarawak House Complex.

The elegantly framed-up native shields and swords.
Pua kumbu - Popular native tapestries. Tourists can't afford to miss them!
Native wood-carving - There is a wide selection for the enthusiasts.
Native potteries - They make excellent souvenirs.
Native hand-made necklaces of colourful beads.
T-shirts with rich cultural designs.
Tikar - These rattan mats are popular among domestic travellers.
The locally produced pepper products and tebaloi.
Rattan baskets - They are not easily found in Sibu nowadays!


Anonymous said...

The Blind Centre has a lot of rattan stuff.

Anonymous said...

good recommendation. Most tourists shop for souvenirs in Kch only. Just wondering if their prices are cheaper than in Kch. Any idea?