Thursday, April 15, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 1

The air in Sibu is filled with the heat of the upcoming by-election. The fever is gripping the whole of Little Foochow now even though a date of it has not even been announced yet. When you stroll in the town, you start to feel the steam.
As hotly speculated, Junior Robert Lau (as popularly referred to now by the local folks) is almost confirmed to stand in the by-election under the banner of BN.
Junior Robert Lau is fast rising up in SUPP Sibu to be the second echelon in party leadership. If he sails through the BE, then we should see the ushering in of Robert Lau Hui Yew's era.
Junior Robert Lau should stand to benefit from the late Datuk Robert Lau syndrome. However, not to be discounted is the aftermath of the 308 political tsunami.
The legacy of the late Datuk Robert Lau leaves much for the electorate to reflect upon. What do they want now? A promise to change the sky or a politician with a pragmatic approach?
Sibuians have to make a choice now!
The second photo shows Junior Robert Lau at 'Sibu In The Blue Ocean", an open forum given by Mr. Tan Kee Hian held on November 2 last year at Kingwood Hotel. Junior Robert Lau subsequently penned an article to share his views on the outlook for Sibu.


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看到目前的情況﹐我覺得很火大﹐也覺得很失望。因為我們的民主不成熟 ﹐現在政治是家族的大業﹐堂兄傳給堂弟(不只是這個補選﹐我們的黃部長就是一個前例)﹐請問政治是為人民而做的嗎﹐還是為了自己的親朋好友而存在的。這種帝皇主義能夠在光天化日下施行的﹐大概也只是詩巫。難道我們老百姓都瞎眼了嗎﹐還是活在祖宗來南洋的年代嗎﹖



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