Saturday, April 17, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 2

Dates for nomination and polls have now been fixed respectively to be 8th and 16th of May.

This by-election warfare is expected to be intense and explosive. As such, the momentum of it has started to gear up. The start-off appears to be at cyberspace. Facebook and, to a lesser degree now, blog are effective ways to reach out to the rakyat.

The technology has revolutionised campaigning work. The traditional modus operandi is still relevant, but without the aid of facebook or blog, you might be left behind.

Robert Lau Hui Yew is fast to utilise his facebook to the full to get across his political aspirations and views on the future of Sibu.

Sibu is now at the finishing end of the present developmental cycle, and it certainly has to move on. At this juncture, some burning issues are there to confront Sibuians : What would be our next developmental cycle? What is the future holding for us? Is there a way out for the Little Foochow?

This by-election gives the electorate a time to reflect on the pressing needs for Sibu.


小洋 said...

Oh mein Gott! 我们的拉让江比黄河还要黄!

Bengbeng said...

we can expect lots of exciting stuff to happen in Sibu the next few weeks

Anonymous said...

Robert Lau Hui Yew is smart welcome to the digital era...

Anonymous said...

Nice staf, men! Mama love Googlez!