Sunday, August 23, 2009

His Amazing Story - Part 2

MAF of SCAC - a memorable group photo after our visit at the exhibition.
Rev David Chiew Ing Seng is as cheerful as ever.

We posed for a photo in front of the billboard of MAF of SCAC.

The exhibition is a meaningful project undertaken by SCAC in collaboration with The Masland Methodist Church. It bridges the church and the public, taking them to see galore church works.
I bumped into Rev David Chiew Ing Seng again at the site. I asked for a photo taken together with him. Rev David Chiew Ing Seng was the pastor-in-charge of The Masland Methodist Church when Yian and I tied the knot. He officiated our wedding service in The Masland Methodist Church. Rev David Chiew is truly a respectable pastor. May God continue to bless him in his service in Canada.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Can I have Rev Chiew's address and email?
Thanks. His wife was my music teacher and choir conductor . He served in Wesley Church too...
Nice to see him back in Sibu.

Tony Hii said...

sarawakiana, I will try to get it for you.