Monday, August 24, 2009

His Amazing Story - Part 3

On John Wesley....
The legacy of James Matthew Hoover.

The gallery takes you through a lane of history.

Our cross-cultural works.

The bible that was air-flown and dropped from the air above Sibu.

An array of bibles.

The exhibition is for a duration of 6 days from 21st to 26th of August. Good comments flow in on the in-depth coverage and for the tremendous efforts being put in, it is a big thumb-up!
It is crowd-pulling! Visitors stream in to see for themselves the works of our church. Don't stand aloof, we are opening up to you.
A rare opportunity but it is now made available to you - an array of bibles are on display to open your eyes. One exceptionally stands out is a hard-cover English bible dating way back to 40s during the WW2 when Japanese occupied Sibu.
The Alliance Air-Force one day flew in with bibles and dropped them from the air above Sibu. Ho's family picked up one and kept it in good custody, handing it down from generation to generation.
It reminds me that, in a similar way, the words of God have got to be passed from generation to generation.


Anonymous said...

How did the people know that the bibles were from the planes and not from the God (from the sky)?

Yes, war planes should deliver bibles but not the bombs.

Tony Hii said...

God moved them to drop the bibles.