Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senior Citizen Fellowship of Nyelong Park Methodist Church - "New Emerging Markets, New Economic Power"

We grabbed the opportunity to have a snapshot in front of the sanctuary.
The world has to face up to the rising new world order after the financial tsunami.

Senior Citizen Fellowship of Nyelong Park Methodist Church invited me to their fellowship gathering to explore on the new emerging markets this evening. I felt obliging and consented to it.
We departed Sibu at about 5:oo p.m., heading straight to Sarikei with no stop-over. Together with me were Yian, my niece and Raymond(acting as driver).
After a quick dinner at Sarikei's open food court, I called up Wong Kiong Sing for guidance to go to the church. Brother Kiong Sing was helpful enough to come to navigate us.
The talk "New Emerging Markets, New Economic Power" was timely. Although I overshot, my presentation was well received by the brothers and sisters of the senior citizen fellowship.
The fellowship presented me with a huge box of Chinese herbs as a token of appreciation. Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your gift of love!
The picture shows Rev Lau Hui Ming handing over the gift to me. In the centre is Wong Kiong Ding.


Anonymous said...

Tony,are you related to Mark Hii of Hann Design?

Tony Hii said...

We are all family members in Hii's clan.