Friday, August 28, 2009

International Hospitality & Tourism Seminar 2009

In conjunction with FHM 2009, MAHTEC (Malaysian Association of Hotels Training and Education Centre) organised a one-day seminar titled "International Hospitality & Tourism Seminar 2009" on August 13 primarily for the benefits of the member hoteliers.

We grabbed the opportunity to register for it.

MAHTECH called on the members to boost revenue during this challenging time by maximising sales and profitas through extracting the highest price possible for perishable products or services. "The seminar is intended to help participants to gain more insight into the world of revenue management," Y.Bhg. Datuk Mohd LLyas Zainol Abidin, President of MAH, said in his opening address.

MAHTECH pulled in some of the most experienced industry experts from the United States of America, Italy, South-africa and Iceland to get the participants enlightened.
A total of four papers were presented, all with the objective to gear the participants towards boosting their revenue in these challenging times.
1. "Operating during these Challenging Times" by Mr. Joe Mclnerney, CHA - President of AHLA
2. "Blue Ocean Strategy - How To Leverage Value Innovation and Breakout from the Competition in the Hospitality Industry" by Mr. Luciano Pezzotta, Owner & Managing Director: Blue Ocean Garden Co. Ltd.
3. "Managing Growth in a Recessionary Economy: The Case for Service Excellence and Accountality in the Hospitality Industry" by Mr. Pieter J Roux, Managing Director-PSD Development (Pty) Ltd and PSD Distribution (Pty) Ltd.
4. "An Amazing Network of Chefs: the WACS Family" Maximizing the Returns in Food & Beverage by Chef issur Gudmundsson, President-World Association of Chefs

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This Tourism and Hospitality seminar is very successful, build a lot of connections with other hotel manager.