Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Teh Tarik Chat With Tan Kee Hian

We turned the lazy Sunday afternoon into a session of interesting chat over teh tarik in Cafe Palmelia with Tan Kee Hian.

Kee Hian is on a home-visit trip back in Sibu now. I fixed up with him for the tea meet to get enlightened.

Being widely exposed, Tan Kee Hian offered views for some critical thinking on issues of interest, both locally and internationally.

From SCORE in Sarawak to President Obama in the States, Kee Hian opened our eyes to thought-provoking views.

In the course of the chatting, questions were posed to us. "Judge by project outcome, not by launch," Kee Hian said.

We ended the session with a group- photo taking.

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