Monday, August 17, 2009

Extended Sanctuary, Hoover Square & Hoover Mission House

August 16 was the day that we gave thanks to God for the wonderful works He has done!

The two events were twinned to mark the grand finale of Hoover Project - the building of Hoover Mission House and Hoover Square, and the magnificent extension of the sanctuary of The Masland Methodist Church.

Both the dedication service of the extended sanctuary and the opening ceremony of Hoover Square together with Hoover Mission House were to give glorification to God.

The completion of Hoover Project has far-reaching significance in the works of Methodist Church in Sibu. Hallelujah!

Photo: Steve Ling


Anonymous said...

always passing by but i haven't really got the chance to visit the place :) should drop by there one of these days.

Tony Hii said...

You are most welcome!