Friday, August 21, 2009

The 9th Methodist Convention - Spreading Scriptural Holiness, Transforming The Nation (Talk 2) - Part 9

Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong emphasised that modern democratic society, with its concern for equality, human rights, freedom and justice did not emerge in any other culture, except the Christian culture of the west. "If Christians grasp this important fact, then we should want to defend these even much more than non-Christians around us," Bishop told the congregation.

"We want democracy. Christians should take the lead to defend the system. China is waking to democracy. Both Christians and non-Christians there strive hard for it," Bishop added.

Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong then put a challenge to the church members: How committed are we to Malaysia?

Bishop noted that a lot of Sibu Christians have migrated to other countries. "Don't talk about transformation if you are not committed to Malaysia," he pointed out.
The picture shows Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh (3rd from right) being presented with a memento after he officiated the opening ceremony of Hoover Square and Hoover Mission House. 3rd from left is Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong. Photo:

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