Sunday, May 9, 2010

Father's & Mother's Day 2010(孝親節)

Today is international Mother's Day. Locally, this occasion is much more widely celebrated now than it was ten years ago, albeit getting a bit over-commercialised. None the less, the spirit of filial piety is not lost.

Methodist Church traditionally celebrates the second Sunday of May as Father's & Mother's Day (孝親節)。To me, this is more meaningful as it accords equal recognition to both fathers and mothers.

This afternoon, I was pop-eyed to receive a card from Allen hand-delivered to my house by two advisers of Junior MYF of Hwai Ang Methodist Church. Seeing that I looked puzzled, they explained that part of programme of the fellowship gathering today was to encourage the fellowshippers to hand-write a heart-to-heart card to their parents. The advisers then volunteered to hand-deliver the cards to their parents as a surprise gift on Father's & Mother's Day.

This was the most heartwarming gift I had ever received on Father's & Mother's Day. Junior MYF of Hwai Ang Methodist Church deserves a word of mention for having such an innovative programme. Keep it up! This afternoon I was so overwhelmed by surprise that I forgot to get down the names of the two advisers. May God bless them!

Our pastor this morning in her sermon quoted Exodus 20:12 to emphasize the biblical teaching of filial piety: Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

Please take it as my gift to you on this great day!

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