Saturday, May 8, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 8

Today is nomination day for P212 Sibu by-election.
The Election Commission used Sibu Civic Centre as the nomination centre. I noted on my way to office this morning that road blocks and traffic diversions had started to pave way for the contesting political parties to put up big show of support. My wife was later caught in between the road closure and it took her almost half an hour to reach home.
Both BN and PR put up huge rallies on their way to the nomination centre. This was expected in view of the by-election getting increasingly tense. All the big guns of the two fronts have moved in to station in Sibu to take charge of the close fight.
The strategy of PR is very much change-centred. BN, on the other hand, appears to strategise on development and Sibu. Which one would likely appeal to the electorate more? The analysis would be interesting.
This by-election is a three-cornered fight. Narawi Haron, an independent, is very much just playing a "runner" role. He is destined to have his deposit forfeited.
Photo: Steve Ling

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