Monday, May 10, 2010

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 9

Sibu is now in a sea of posters and billboards! The whole fury of poster war was kicked off right after the nomination.
The billboards are reflective of the themes of the respective fronts. The main thrust of BN is continuing developments for Sibu. PR is very much change-based, using the 5 (now 4) PR-controlled states as the highlights.
The election rallies are heating up. PR with its high-powered speakers from WM is crowd-pulling. BN, on the other hand, works through associations and grass-root levels to get the messages across.
Rumours are sweeping through the town. The whole Sibu town is now submerged in hot kopitiam talks. I made an effort to check my constituency on and was shocked to find that I have unknowingly joined the other voters of P212 Sibu in a mass migration to P211 Lanang. I felt quite helpless!
I still can't get over that I am not voting in this by-election!


Anonymous said...

Me too Tony. They changed my constiuency from Sibu to Lanang during the last parlimentary election. Two years on, I still find it hard to accept that!!

Dave said...

Same modus operandi for Hulu Selangor and I believe its will happen for a lot of voters who are anti will most likely be those affected. Imagine if they had not done that, they would have lost Hulu Selangor

Anonymous said...

I have been moved too. I found out that us who 'belong' to Methodist Sec School polling station have all been moved. I guess there must be a lot of opposite votes at the MSS polling station in the past.


Anonymous said...

Me too. Used to cast my vote at SMK Sacred Heart for Sibu's but found my name in Lanang's constituency. Feel so lost for not able to vote this time :(

Anonymous said...

My mom and dad and myself stay at the same address, vote at the same station for Sibu seat for as long as we could remember. So shock to find out just now that some 'invisible hands' have moved my parents to Lanang's and I remain at Sibu's.