Monday, December 28, 2009

Sibu Into The future

This is not part of the series that I am covering on Tan kee Hian's "Sibu In the Blue Ocean". Nonetheless, it is along similar line of thinking for the betterment of Sibu.

Amidst Hari Raya mood on September 23 this year when I was still on hectic Raya visiting, I was called up by two reporters of United Daily for an interview on Sibu future. We met up at Cafe Palmelia and the session went on from there.

It was a warm meet over a topic that all Sibuians care about. If you are Chinese-literate, you may click on to read the entire write-up. Or you can choose to pick up a copy of today's (December 29) United Daily for the feature coverage.

Have a good time!


Anonymous said...

We have witnessed an old generation of Sibu, our fore fathers who came from China to open up the land. They were almost poor farmers and were poorly educated.

Then the second generation who quickly robbed through the land to make wealth and who also destructed the environment. They got a bit of education, but majority of them were still not highly educated. But they worked hard like their parents.

The third generation is quite well educated, and some of them are quite wealthy because of the second generation. They no longer strive as hard. This generation is facing a decline of Sibu, and they have to overcome all sorts of problems created by their parents. In other words, starting from this generation, we have to learn how to live on our own. We have also to gear the town toward a sustainable direction for future generations.

Politically, I haven't seen a transition of power from the second to the third generation. I think the second generation had exhausted their capacity in solving the problems for Sibu. We need new blood. The waves of the Yangtze are constantly pushing from the back against the front. Let's all these waves at the back to retire and the front waves shall take over and move forward.

I would like to call for these old politicians in Sibu, including Wong, Soon, Lau, Tiong to retire. Let's hand over the town to the third generation and let them start working now. Your long overdue retirement had simply retarded the growth of Sibu.

Even in a single-party communist China, there has been a transition of power often in the past 60 years: Mao, Zhou, Deng, Jiang, Hu. The party is monopolizing China, but the leadership is not a dictatorship. This was a big surprise and perhaps the power transitions have ensured economic prosperity of China in recent years.

Anonymous said...

What excellent phrase

Tan Kee Hian said...

Thoughtful analysis of the situation and a courageous / sensible proposition!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

courageous - many are still waiting for more to come forward with plans and hopes for the future...