Monday, December 28, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 43

Capability (2) "Systematic, Error-free Execution"

Tan Kee Hian then moved on to explain the third case example of success story:

Ding Tai Fung Restaurant

Kee Hian said he chose this to show that the concept of systematic, error-free processes applies to even something as mundane and people-based as making a xiao long pau, helping to drive this restaurant to global fame and success.

Kee Hian added that every xiao long pau has 18 folds. Why must it be precisely 18 folds for each and every pau? It is part of the culture and values, and systematic of everything they do in this restaurant.

The picture shows the premises of Sibu Supermarket at Kg. Nyabor Road, Sibu. It was the largest supermarket in Sibu in the 80s. It was short-lived and has since been closed down. Photo: Philip Hii

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Sarawakiana@2 said...

For Siao Lung Pao to be famous - first there was the great recipe...and then the huge Shanghai market ( they seem only to eat SLP).
Then the whole system of making and serving the paos....
What is even more important was the availability of good wheat flour at very low prices...and that made the profit margin very big. Also the labour cost was very minimal.
When the first seed money was made there was no stopping and the SLP brand was created. The whole world loves it....

Ramin was such a product before..the world loved it...and then the source went dry...pity...

Leather bags and fashionable clothes will continue to make money...and especially the well known brands like Louis Vitton and Coach and Gucci...these brands know their goods and the market...they study the market like scientists...

The secret behind a lot of good brands - the greatest care and the biggest vision. And may be the wildest shot. Sometimes the right place and the right people help.