Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 42

Capability (2) "Systematic, Error-free Execution"

Tan Kee Hian quoted some familiar examples of systematic, error-free execution. "Some people might claim Sibu can never be able to learn this sophisticated capability," Kee Hian said. His answer to this sort of claim is "rubbish". See these simple examples:

1. AirAsia

A Malaysian success story based on great execution. The airline manoeuvres fast turnaround of the planes from landing to takeoff, which requires that the entire process to be systematic, documented and error-free, and that all people involved are properly trained and motivated.

2. Immigration Department of Malaysia

Since Pak Lah embarrassed the department when he showed up on his first day as PM, we have all seen how much more efficient Immigration has become. To quote Kee Hian in his exact words: I am not saying they are the most productive yet, but most would agree with me that the change was quite impressive.

The picture shows Rajang River being heavily choked by tons and tons of wood debris, demestic and industrial wastes. Photo: Philip Hii


Sarawakiana@2 said...

The Rajang can be cleaned up...we have to start somewhere....

Happy New Year ..

Anonymous said...

Air Asia is simply not the best example, if not one of the worst examples. There are so many delays, for each flight that I took over the past few years. The check-in is like the old vegetable/fish market. No body knows how to line up. As soon as the check-in started, all the passengers rushed to the front of the counter without showing a good manner, like the fish in the pond when we threw in the food. It is the same in the boarding room.

MAS is doing much better than Air Asia in all aspects. Yes, cheaper air fare for the lousy service. The passengers dared to shut up the mouth because we pay less.