Friday, December 25, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 41

Capability (2) "Systematic, Errot-free Execution"

(2) "Imperfect execution" is a serious national shortcoming of Malaysia
Tan Kee Hian explained further as follows:

-Malaysian government and businesses (on average) place low emphasis on error-free execution, unlike MNCs and successful countries and companies.
-We seem to be quite content with imperfect execution, and rather proud of it.
-Remember Pak Lah's comment about Malaysian having First World capital and assets, but Third World operations.
-While there is execution in capital and assets, you can generally buy capital and assets as a package from foreign suppliers, at a price though. But operation is really all about day to day execution. Even the former PM Badawi realised imperfect execution is the norm in Malaysia, and a major shortcoming.

This black-and-white photo shows an operator roasting coffee at an alley behind Kiew Siong Coffee Shop at Central Road, Sibu. He was an expert in this trade and his coffee was popular among the old folks. This valuable photo is from Philip Hii's album.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of the boleh spirit under TPK, and he got well known because of his fast completion of construction projects for Tun Ma.

On the other hand, his Hornbill airlines also got disappeared very fast.

The campus in Bintangor was even faster, disappeared even before it is built!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I like the photo by Philip very much. Used to see this every day when I was a child.

Malaysia often gives people the idea that things are here today and gone tomorrow.

The saddest is this : Tourists come with pamphlets in hand and cannot find the venues/shops/goods/places described in the pamphlet. Gone!!

And the agents can say with little shame " Itu pamphlet...salah print..." excuses can be in many form.

And the looks on the faces of the tourists : utter desperation and confusion...

Many of us Malaysians feel the same too...

Our Bukit Aup Park is fairly run down...and the poor fish all gone! Might become a health hazard instead of a healthy place. Someone should do something there before it costs too much.

Anonymous said...

The maximum number of subjects taken in SPM has recently became an issue. I never knew that it has grown to a number of 12. During my time, we certainly never worried about the max number. For science kids, we took English, BM, Math, Add Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography. We did not have Chinese.

I don't know what the kids of nowadays wanted to prove. Perhaps it was the boleh spirit with the max number of A's to show to the public. I think it is already a pity that we spent so much time on the languages, as if our major is language. Doing the best in a few items is better than doing average in many things.