Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 40

Capability (2) "Systematic, Error-free Execution"

A good strategy needs efficient execution to carry it through. When covering Capability (2), Kee Hian made it clear to the audience that execution actually forms an integral part of the Blue Ocean Ideas.

Two of the points covered in Capability (2) by Tan Kee Hian particularly stood out. The following is the further elaboration on the points:

1. Not just fast - a well-known trait of Sibu people

-In the exact words of Kee Hian, Sibu people are proud of being able to do things very quick. But speed is pointless unless the output is of the right quality. Remember the "Right First Time" which is now embedded in most high performance organisations.

-Tan Kee Hian quoted some high-profiling projects in Malaysia as real examples.

-The key lesson is that being fast is not sufficient to create an enduring future. It must be of the right quality, based on customers' and design specification. In fact, too much emphasis on speed can be negative, as it drives people to produce only superficial, cosmetic products and services.

-Unfortunately, one of Sibuian's pride, doing things fast, can be a major stumbling block to the transformation of Sibu, as systematic, error-free execution is a key driver of blue ocean and future success.

The picture shows logging in progress in Sarawak in the early days. This is a rare black-and-white photo from Philip Hii.


Anonymous said...

Sibu people have been very proud that they need to attend just primary school in becoming the richest. You also get all the social status with the Datuk and so on. Nothing else is needed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.31 am

Yes, that is one way for some individuals to succeed.

But look at what Sibu has turned out to be with that approach. Are you proud of the current state of Sibu, a sunset town destined to continue to a state of darkness and oblivion?

Shall we "do nothing else" so we can meekly accept the inevitable demise of Sibu, instead of celebrating a glorious future for the deserving people of Sibu?

I rather that Christmas can come to Sibu everyday of the year!

Merry Christmas to all in Sibu.

Kee Hian

PCL said...

Not just Sibu. there are just some people who thinks speed is everything and do most thing without much clear planning. It might be OK in older days or less sophisticated part of the world. But if Sibu or Malaysia wants to improve quality and planning is important. Most buildings in Sibu and Kuching look like craps after a few months of opening as there is no planning on how to use the space or about maintenance.

Anonymous said...

The following was copied directly from Mahathir's website in his defending of himself against Barry Wain. How many of the mega projects were in Sarawak, not to mention about Sibu?

The projects of course cost a lot of money. But the projects can be seen by the people. Penang Bridge, Twin Towers, KL Tower, KL International Airport, North Port and West Port in Klang, commuter train, LRT and monorail, numerous expressways all over the country, electrification and double tracking, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Langkawi development, Proton, Modenas, Silterra chip manufacturing plant, cement plants etc. etc.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I think we have to be careful with some speakers and so called Datuks who go around giving inspiring speeches starting like "I was poor with no shoes...and then I became rich..." kind of stories. Find out how he got his datukship (paid undertable money ?) Where did he find his first money? (smuggling and selling uncle's goods in the dark?)and then who are his friends? (thugs ?)

Young people pick up truths and falsehoods very quickly and may emulate the wrong people. We must not give the next generation false values.

We need character building in our society to bring about solid foundation and development like what Kee Hian has suggested.

Anonymous said...

Hi, dear former teachers,

How do you view these public examinations with students full of A scores? Do you think the students are becoming too good or simply because the standard has been lowered compared to that of a few decades ago.