Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 39

Tan Kee Hian's Capability (1) involves change of Sibuians' mindset. In short, in taking Little Foochow to the next developmental cycle, we need to adopt a Critical Blue Ocean Mindset.

Having touched on Changing Mindset, Values and Beliefs, Kee Hian then moved on to Capability (2) which is Systematic, Error-free Execution.

Tan Kee Hian in the previous two talks in Sibu ("Outlook for Sibu" at MPI in 2008 and "The Future of Sarawak from A Christian Perspective" at The 9th Methodist Convention in June this year) that I attended laid great stress on execution. During the teh tarik meet with some local bloggers, Kee Hian particularly quoted Singapore as a fine example of having excellent execution.

In his elaboration of Systematic, Error-free Execution, Tan Kee Hian pointed out:

1. Not just fast - a well-known trait of Sibu people

2. Not just "Malaysia boleh"

3. But also smart, precise (error-free) and reliable

4. "Imperfect execution" is a serious national shortcoming of Malaysia

5. Case examples:
-Malaysian Immigration Department
-Din Tai Fung Restaurant

The picture shows the float of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church at Ecumenical Christmas Carolling.
Photo: Wong Meng Lei


Sarawakiana@2 said...

I think a lot of people like to join the crowd of having something that is fashionable - like the virus -like thought of l Malaysia...everyone punctuates his speeches with l Malaysia in every other sentence without thinking through.

What is good . What is for the people and what is sustainable must be part of our plans and projects. Kee Hian's lecture is very timely.

A really good thinking through is important and then perfect execution - carpenters know this very well...a 1/16th measurement (one hun)and mistake that is that small only can cause a drawer to be all wrong...(and stuck)

And when making the Che (tang yuen) the wrong amount of flour would cause the dough to be doubled....Double trouble?? I will always remember this moral lesson from my grandmother as she would always remind us the story of the woman who made double the Che because she was not attentive or ching chai...In good cooking as in many things we do...accurate measurement and no cutting of corners...

Tony you are so patient in putting all these parts on Blue Ocean in your blog. Thanks. And I do like learning all about it especially when I cannot be in Sibu.

Blessed Christmas...

Anonymous said...

We would appreciate an executive summary of Polytechnic University. It is difficult to see the whole picture with fragmented information here and there.

Merry Christmas and a great new year

Tan Kee Hian said...

Anon 8.30 pm,

As you are interested in the polytechnic university concept, (and I assume you were not present at my talk on 2 November), please contact Judy Wong, CEO/Principal of MPI who would be glad to share the concept with you.

Another option, if there is sufficient interest, is to have a discussion when I am next in Sibu in February, when we could cover the university and other part os my talk.


Kee Hian