Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 44

Capability (3) "Private-Sector-Driven Development"

When Tan Kee Hian touched on Capability (3) "Private-Sector-Driven Development", he gave an elaboration on the following three aspects to take audience on a journey of better understanding:

1. Rightful role of Government:

-As enablers (infrastructure, security, social services, etc)

-Intervening in market failures

2. Belief that "business-as-usual" developmental approach is unacceptable:

-Reliance on Government to develop Sibu

-Would not satisfy the dreams and aspirations of Sibu people

3. Many successful developments driven by private enterprise, and in spite of the Government:

-Silicon Valley in the USA

-Hong Kong

-Formula 1 clusters in England

The picture shows Sibu Waterfront in 1987. Photo: Philip Hii

(Philip Hii has been generous enough in letting me use his good collection of the old photos of Sibu between 1977-1990. Thank you, Philip!)

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