Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 45

Capability (3) "Private-Sector-Driven Development"

Having touched on the three aspects of "Private -Sector-Driven Development", Tan Kee Hian then talked about motivating private investments in Sibu.

In Kee Hian's views:

1. Sibu is widely known as the hub of substantial private wealth.

2. Blue Ocean Ideas creates economic value for:
-Stakeholders (investors)
-And the users (customers)

3. Additional benefits of:
-"Contributing to the revitalisation of Greater Sibu"
-Addressing social needs (elderly, and local university)

The above picture shows Haji Bujang Sports Field in 80s. The site was subsequently converted to Sibu Town Square and Wisma Sanyan. Photo: Philip Hii


Anonymous said...

I felt that I must say something about the police in Sibu, since I saw the newspaper mentioning about the gangsters. It is definitely wrong for the police to post someone from Ulu Semananjung to Sibu. There have so little understanding of the locality, not to say the language and dialects.

I think the police needs to focus on recruiting the local people to handle the jobs, so that the performance can be up to standard. If I were the police chief, I would get these gangsters and make them police officers. Give them jobs to do. Poor employment in Sibu is one of the main reasons why they went into this gangsters business.

Many years ago, when the timber business was good, we did not see the gangsters around. They all went to work in the timber camps. Since the timber business is bad, find something else for the young people. We have so much land and excellent climate, yet we have to import rice (shame!). Open up the land and let these young people run the rice 'plantations'

Sarawakiana@2 said...

A town which has a high crime rate and a very limp police force will not be attractive to investors.

Recent troubles regarding rubber tapping/robbery are very disheartening and depressing.

Anonymous said...

There are good and bad policemen, from West or East Malaysia. The gist of the whole matter is their professionalism. I have had a chance to discuss with Dato Christoper Wan when he was CID head then that he should send the best men and women to Sarawak and if they performed well after 3-5 years, give them a promotion and then relocate them to next hot spots. I do not LIKE Police staff are all "abang-adik" to local kingpins, politicians, tycoons etc, they should serve the greater RAKYAT. I do not know whether Police in RASCOM in late 1960s & 1970s was a good example-just for thought.

Anonymous said...

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