Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 32

Through his public forum "Sibu in The Blue Ocean", Tan Kee Hian shed lights on the burning issue of Sibu falling behind and proposed ways to get Little Foochow out of the present straits.

Kee Hian called on Sibuians to be a thinking group and be innovative in ideas. In brainstorming, we need input of your views to keep this momentum going.

I appreciate all the sincere comments so far and I am sure they would work a long way down the road towards contributing to Sibu, in one way or another.

So, all the thinking Sibuians, let us be a part of Blue Ocean Strategies. Together we wake up Sibu from its present slumber and take it to the next developmental cycle.

We shall continue with "Polytechnic" University tomorrow.

The picture shows the polluted Rajang River. We really need a clean-up of the mighty river. Photo: Steve Ling


Anonymous said...

Life long learning is very important, at least to keep our brain alive before you get the Alzheimer disease. It would be sad to say that you have never attended another lecture since the day of graduation and coming back to Sibu. I think we need to have more public talks/lectures in Sibu.

Sibu can be set up to become a convention center. It means to have an international standard convention hall (we have the civic center that seems pretty good?) and more first rate hotels. So far I saw nothing big coming to Sibu except things like the Clan Association meetings or the Chinese Tribe (such as Foochow, Kutian,...Association) meetings. There is no doubt that such conventions dropped a lot of money in Sibu.

To be successful in organizing convention, we need to train our team of experts so that they will be truly professional. We may also need to have some fancy places to go as part of the activities of convention. To me, sailing up Rajang is a very appealing event - but make those speedboat cleaner, please.

More importantly, accessibility is important. We are glad that now 'everyone can fly' to Sibu directly from KL. Most likely international visitors can spend their good time in KL and then have this convention business in Sibu.

We should go beyond the Tribe meetings and have some professional meetings brought to Sibu. Considering the economical benefit Sibu will get, the government may as well support such meetings by acting as sponsors.

Sibu has produced professional leaders overseas who may be able to bring such conventions home as organizers. However, as I mentioned, the convention has to be done with world standard, else it will embarrass the organizer. Once you get bad reputation, it will be the end of story for Sibu as a convention center.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Well said Anonymous.

I agree with you. Sibu can be a good convention centre when good people put all their energies together.

Sibu needs to put cleanliness as priority in the drains and toilets. Spitting should be strictly forbidden too.

I think less plastic bowls should be used. Chipped glasses and plates should also be a thing of the past.

And I think we need to train our waiters and waitresses and all those in the service sectors to speak more than one language in order to be world standard.


Anonymous said...

I prefer Sarawak to have very specialized institutes in Sarawak that will be closely tied to the humanities and biology (plants and animals) of Sarawak. It would be best to get the most well known world university(ies) to set up its affiliated institute here in carrying out research.

Look at the few local universities that are tied to outside world. Do you think Unimas, Curtin and United College are tied to the best world institutions? The standard really drove smart local Sarawakians away such that most people would prefer not to be there if they could have a better choice. Does it mean anything to sign paper memorandum here and there, and yet nothing has actually been done after the signing? There are centres here and there, but what are the actual results they have produced. Why no evaluations have been done on them?

I would think something like the Tun Jugah Foundation can be part of a well known university, and let the university run its activities so that we can have the world quality products.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes I agree with that...we need a university that has a Heart.

Herbal Education is important and we can start with that.

There is so much local indigenous plant knowledge that is unique in this world. The outside world is only too eager to grab that. We should have the upper hand in this intellectual property before it is too late.

Daughter of the Soil said...

This photo shows a river that is full of sediment.

The source may be erosion - our ancestors usually say this is an unkind result of man's carelessness and unfaithfulness to his earth.It happens when he is not responsible to the soil which has given him life. This is speaking in general not as a criticism.

May your soils bring forth life and put food on your table.

Anonymous said...

Some one told me Yangtze River is the same colour like Rejang. I am not sure how true it is. The Nile, however, was very clean that could be because of the lack of rain in many parts of Egypt