Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rainbow Tangyuan

Rainbow Tangyuan
Stuffing: Red bean paste.

Dong Zhi is still 10-day away, but the temptation of homemade tangyuan had already overwhelmed us.
Very much motivated by Tan Kee Hian's Blue Ocean Strategies, Yian put her brain to work to come out with Rainbow Tangyuan. Top on her priority list is healthy style of cooking. As such, she included all natural colourings in her recipe. Freshly squeezed pandan juice, blended dragon fruits, mashed sweet potatoes and blended black sesame seeds turned out to be excellent colourings healthy for consumption.
The tangyuan ( stuffed with red bean paste and covered with desiccated coconut) looked tempting!
Yian also prepared some traditional tangyuan (coated with ground peanuts and soya beans) for us to sample.
My mom and my kids said absolutely there was only one word for the above: Yummy!
The picture shows the traditional tangyuan.


Sarawakiana@2 said...


Promises of a better future!!

Tan Kee Hian will love that ....and so would many other people!!

Thanks...will try to copy too..

Anonymous said...

The colours look pretty. This dish goes well for the sweet tooth.

Bengbeng said...

applause for Yian from Bengbeng. it looks yummy n since she prepared it i am sure it tastes yummy too. if only she had a stall somewhere selling it and we all could go buy :) Yian interested to set up a stall at the marketplace ;)