Friday, December 11, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 31

Innovation is the gist of Blue Ocean Strategy. In an uncontested environment, we outperform by being creative. Slashing against each other is really an outdated strategy.

It similarly applies to education. Tan Kee Hian formulated " Polytechnic" University as one of the five Blue Ocean Strategies aiming to take Sibu to the next developmental cycle.

Tan Kee Hian's Strategy (3) for "Polytechnic" University is as follows:

Initial faculties include:
-Faculty of Business Administration
-Faculty of Applied Sciences
-Faculty of Technology

Candidates for Multi-disciplinary Centres for Development and Applications include:
-Institute of Active Ageing
-Institute of Agri-business
-Institute of Tourism and Hospitality
-Institute of Entrepreneurship

The picture shows an innovative decoration for a Christmas tree. Photo: Steve Ling


Anonymous said...

Let's talk about health related issues. In Sibu alone, there are two private medical centres. The Rejang Medical Centre and the Sibu Medical Centre. Then there are a number of private practioners. Adding to this is are some privately owned colleges which train medical people. Then there are nursing homes, old folks' home and retired medical people who take care of folks. These are all private individuals or organizations. If you could bring them all together, you could perhaps have one big private health facility. Rejang Medical has some degree qualified medical personnel and it is regretable if their university knowledge goes to waste. Sibu has to be more realistic. There is a danger that if Sibuians stick too tighly together, it will be some sort like a cult and non Sibuians might not be welcomed. There are some local organizations which help themselves and not others. This is not healthy. From a religious point of view, help is to be given unconditionally and to all. Religious because of all the symbols of religions here in Sibu. Mega churches. Big mosque. Huge temples. Very rich other religious people. I bring this up after reading in your post concerning faculty of applied sciences and medicine is science. Another reality is it is difficult to work together. But like the three musketeers, Sibuians must learn to say all for one. One for all.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

TKH's ideas are very good and I am sure they can be put into action.

The life Long Learning Centre can be easily put up and I am sure there will be people answering the advertisements for lecturers (raise the age from 35 - 56 to 56 - 70. My good friends in the US are still teaching at 70++ and continue to win awards....

Also I think there can be a good Traditional Chinese Medicine course for the Sibuans and other off shore students. There is a great deel of interest in TCM We can also extend to the Malay and Native Traditioanl Medicine...and become the hub of such knowledge!!

Start with seminar presentations and publications of booklets in different languages. Funding will come later. But a small beginning is a beginning.

I think even a small museum (IN Manila a small house is transformed to a shoe museum ) can be in the offing in Sibu for different kinds of bamboo and rattan products with a good spokesperson who is well trained and full of charisma.

]Tourists like info and so all who are in the tourist industry should be articulate and full of ready information...never say "don't know" and shrug the shoulders.

A herbal food centre can also be started....and the list is endless....

I like that - Three Musketeers' motto "All for One and One for All..."

Green wishes to all..

Anonymous said...

I think Foochow has the tradition to be nomads. Foochow could not stay in a place for too long, never permanent. From northern China, they migrated south to Fujian and then to Fochooow. Then they moved out of Foochow to many other places in Southeast Asia. Like our grandparents who came to Sibu, then many migrated to other towns and even to overseas.

I heard that in USA, most of the Chinese immigrants were Cantonese speaking, but now Foochow dominated the China towns and Chinese restaurants. Most of them came to USA illegally.

In conclusion, you cannot blame Foochow for being disloyal to Sibu. Foochow are still trying to seek for their best.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said about the healthcare services in Sibu, I just want to comment that doing something big involved a lot of cash and commitment and sacrifices and risk taking. Over the years Rejang Medical Centre has embarked on the many new services and some are not necessarily successful or appreciated. We have our own problems. People see us as rich doctors eventhough some of us have reinvested most of our earning to improve the healthcare services in Sibu. We have big plan but not all doctors agree and neither are the public appreciative... sometimes its a delimna whether to go ahead or not....
From one of the doctors in RMC.

Anonymous said...

I have a different view about the medical service in Sibu. For any important and urgent surgery, one always has to be flown to Normah. Thus I always feel that our medical service in Sibu is lacking behind. For those who cannot afford the high medical fee, it is natural that one has to be left to die.

Anonymous said...

Some of us are looking into getting more services up so that patients do not need to be transferred to Kuching. These are neurosurgical and cardiac surgery cases and each of the above establishment will cost more than RM2 million to start if ever we can find the talents welling to return to Sibu to head the department.
Money is the easier part, as for the talents? Well you have to ask your friends and relatives why they do not want to come back even if the offer is >RM25,000/month. The answer, you got it right, they earn >RM50,000 in other places with a better quality of life. How to solve this problems? Make Sibu more attractive.. We can increase their pay, but as for the environment..?? Its beyond us...

N.B.: The most talented Cardiac Surgeon in IJN (National Heart Centre) in KL is Dr. Pau, from Sg. Bidut, Sibu... I am sure some of you are related to him..