Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 30

Having a full-fledged university in Sibu remains a dream. We have been voicing out, but the path towards realising it is still bumpy.

Tan Kee Hian said, instead of establishing a "Vanilla" University, Sibuians should aim for a "Polytechnic" University. This is his fifth Blue Ocean Strategy working towards turning Sibu around.

In the previous post, I talked about Kee Hian's Strategy (1) for "Polytechnic" University. His Strategy (2) is as follows:

Components of the "Polytechnic" University:

-University College (undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and professional qualifications)

-"Polytechnic" (diplomas and semi-professional qualifications)

-Multi-disciplinary Centres for Development and Applications

-Centre for Lifelong Learning

The photo shows Lanang Bridge, Sibu. Education is really like a bridge.

Photo: Steve Ling


Daughter of the Soil said...

A city that is dying is facing a terrible fate because it will take a short time to die. And to revive it takes a lot of money and effort. Like Beijing - the Chinese government had to have an Olympian size funding to turn the city around. But some of the older parts have to go.
It is definitely a choice.
I feel that if too few people are willing to sacrifice themselves for a dream...even if it is like Don Quixote...your attempt may not work....

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Anonymous said...

Bridges in Sibu are all having very strange design. You go from a lower elevation, and then like climbing a mountain with the summit at the middle of the river.

In other places, you raise the elevation of the two ends, and then you have a straight bridge. I think the mountain-like bridges ended up with costing more because there were more concrete used.

Anonymous said...

Daughter of the soil,

Sibu is where it is today for many reasons and we need to learn the lessons of history so we don't repeat the mistakes.

However, I urge you and all who care about Sibu not to dwell too much on the past, but to channel your energy and creativity towards creating the future Sibu we aspire.

To this end, please contribute your views on issues we need to address and ideas, big and small, for solving these issues.

We cannot run away from the reality that transforming Sibu will take huge efforts, such as your example of Beijing, Barcelona Olympics that stimulated the revival of the great city, and the resurgence of South Korea from the ashes of the Asian crisis.

Let's be practical and assume that today, too few people are willing to sacrifce themselves for the dream of Sibu in the Blue Ocean. It's also likely that the concerned people are mostly from average Sibu population and Friends of Sibu. Still it's a good start, and historians can tell us about the many revolutions that started with peasants and the masses.

I am personally encouraged by the turnout for the MPI Lecture, despite the somewhat ambiguous title of Sibu in the Blue Ocean. I invested much time and thinking in preparing for the Lecture, because I believe it's not too late to transform and revive Sibu. Sibu does have access to tangible and intangible assets. The leaders, in my opinion, have let Sibu down badly, and I include not just the political leaders, but also the business, community, and religious leaders, who collectively seem to be oblivious to and unconcerned about the deteriorating developmental trends of Sibu. It would be unhelpful to speculate and discuss the reasons for this state-of-affairs.

I would rather try to find constructive approaches to engage, inform and motivate these leaders to get out of their comfort zone, and take responsibilities for the transformation of Sibu. They, their businesses and their families have collectively benefitted ernomously from what Sibu had to offer. Is it too much to ask them to give more than what they have given to date to Sibu? Furthermore, I believe any contribution could produce ample future returns, not just in intangible benefits, but also in financial terms as well.

Please continue to participate in this forum and the MPI blog "Sibu in the Blue Ocean", and encourage your friends and contacts to do the same.


Tan Kee Hian

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I was once told that the bridges must have a "hill" look so that it could suspend itself better. I am not an engineer perhaps some engineers would care to shed light on this?

In Chongqing bridges are straight an level because they are built across the Yangtze at higher levels.

The Asean bridge of Miri also has an arch and sometimes when the wind blows the cars shake. Perhaps due to the dynamics of the arch and the strong winds from the sea.

I think building bridges at good good well calculated cost is important as we are using tax payers' money. We need the bridges to join different parts of Sarawak together. More bridges = greater development. But basically the people should not feel cheated in any way.

K H have been courageous indeed. I hope that who have strong beliefs and big dreams should do something now. Look at KK! and even Bintang Walk in KL.

Here's an old formula with an ancient basis : 12+72+3000+ n = the Roman world + the whole world. Believe!