Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 22

In tourism industry, we have to go down to the basics. In receiving tourists from outside, even a kind gesture may mean a lot to them. Sibuians are traditionally hospitable. Let us turn this fine tradition into a blue ocean strategy to win the hearts of tourists. Together we practise courtesy to make Sibu a very heartwarming place for holiday! Changyi has good points in her comments in this respect.
Tan Kee Hian observed the following to be the building blocks for mass tourism in his talk:
1. There has got to be an integrated tourism development master plan:
-Joint government-private sector initiative.
2. Effective marketing and promotion of tourist attractions of Greater Sibu.
3. Development of affordable, reliable, mid-tier facilities:
-Hospitality, leisure, convention and transport.
4. Ever-green programmes and attractions.
5. Education, training and development focused on mass tourism.
The picture shows the packed ballroom at Kingwood Hotel where the forum was held. The turnout was close to 500 which was an encouragement. Photo: Terrence Tan of MPI

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Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sibu needs a new wind - a new wind under the tired wings...
Besides having a great think tank ( like MPI) the ordinary voices are important.
I remember the late Rev Ling Kai Cheng who mooted the idea of property management for the Methdoist Church - and he triggered off a fantastic development plan for the Church (Hope you can pardon me here if I am wrong). I am sure the property management committee is still doing a great job.
The education hub (Subang Jaya) of KL-PJ brought in a huge investment fund for the area in Selangor triggered off a lot of business (and made many landowners multi-millionaires).
But then KL-PJ is an attractive and sustainable urban magnet.
Remember too the bells of London rang for Dick Whittington "Dick Whittington turn back! (the Streets of London are paved in Gold story)...Dick Whittington turn will be Mayor of London..."

When dreams can come true for poor people like Ehittington without fear and favour than Sibu will develop into a KL or a London....

We need to make sure that people's dreams can come true...not a place where..."aiya susah lah...susah buat...tidak tahu orang...."

Tell us it is still not too late for free enterprise and that the economic game rules are still democratic.