Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 21

Tourism has been commonly called a "smokeless" industry. It is flourishing in several Asian countries and has long been an important GDP contributor.

Tan Kee Hian viewed mass tourism as a viable economic activity for Sibu. In his coverage, he based his vision on the following:

1. Mass tourism by way of affordable holidays through Sibu. Turn Sibu into a gateway to a major tourism zone.
2. There has to be a major increase in events, festivals, gatherings and places of interest.
3. Growth in tourist arrivals and spend in Greater Sibu from:
-Rest of Sarawak, Malaysia and South East Asian countries.
4. Major expansion of employment across all tourism-related sectors.

The picture shows Dato' Seri Wong Soon Koh and Hii Ching Chiong at the forum. Photo: Liong


Sarawakiana@2 said...

We have to deliver viable attractive packages . Some of my ideas are as follows:

Most tourists want to see something unique (wooden motor launches with food served on board?) or Foochow songs sung by the river side together with offerings of fruits and special cuisine.

The industry can also provide headhunters' trail with overnights in good longhouses serving unique food. Long boat rides with wild boar hunting can really excite the foreign as well as local tourists.

Sibu cannot just give what Shanghai/other mainland cities can give a hundred times better.

Employees must be "articulate and interested in giving information to our visitors".

Just my two cents - since you are calling for ideas....

Anonymous said...

Sibu is the fourth largest town in Sarawak, after Kuching being the capital, after Miri with her Niah Caves and after Bintulu with her LNG plant. She does not have what they have. But she has something very valuable. Some really rich Foochows with their really big businesses that extends to Russia even. Many best brains that are borned in Sibu but now being appreciated by other countries. I agree that Sibu can be a gateway but she cannot be the hub of tourism because there is nothing to offer in the town itself. I can think of businessmen coming to this town to do business, spiritual people to do their spiritual activities, visiting long lost relatives here, foreign teachers in the different teaching institutions here, entertainers to entertain the businessmen, talks, forums, conferences, exhibitions, people coming in for the day and pass by Sibu town, food especially Sibu's specialities. Probably mainland China tourists would appreciate Sibu because of their long lost relatives here. Medical tourism since Sibu's doctors also serve in Normah or Timberland Hospital in Kuching. Why not turn the kampung area into a traditional Malay village with home stay programmes ? The tourists get to participate in the everyday lives of the Malays. Even other races can get involved like there are a few longhouses nearby. What about the My Malaysia second home programme ? May be some foreigners do not mind staying in Sibu for a year or two. All the old Chinese shops should be preserved like in Singapore. The older part of Sibu can be turned into something like Sungai Merah where there is a piece of history there. Kingwood hotel is under rennovation. Is there a plan to turn that stretch of road next to the wharf into a more interesting place like a walkway or where people can sit and fish ?

Daniel said...

Anonymous...your ideas are refreshing,you have my full support.But I have to remind you that we are not living in the ideal world.If we want Sibu to progress, we will need to send a clear and strong message to those who walk in the corridors of power.

Anonymous said...

More should come out to support both the political and non political organisations in helping Sibu to turn around before it is too late. Do not allow politics and languages (BM,Chinese and English) to separate the different groups. There should be a united front...I often feel sad that there are groups who even distance themselves because of languistic and political identities.

Sibu does not just belong to the Foochows only.

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel
Realistically, we are not powerful people. But powerful people these days have got their own websites. They invite ideas from non powerful people like us because we are the ones who vote for them and in return, they should thank us by acting on what we say or else we can support another. I am not expecting Sibu to become like Sidney because the Aussie dollar is higher than the Malaysian ringgit. And this is reality.