Friday, November 27, 2009

En Tao Methodist Church - Grand Sales For Church Building

The DJ station where the atmosphere of the fund-raising sales was made lively!

My good brother Hua Ping was spotted at the egg station.

I asked Yong Sun to pose for a photo. Not forgetting his newly published book, he held it up to get some promotion benefits. The proceeds of the book sales all went to the building fund.

At the live cooking station, this brother gave an impressive demonstration of kueh teoh frying!

A makeshift eatery where enticing foods were served.

Some houses for sale!

En Tao Methodist Church at Jalan Teku, Sibu is expanding fast. To cope with the growing church members, the church has put it on the drawing board a new building plan.
Towards raising funds to finance the project, the church members put their hands and heads together this morning to hold a grand sales function.
Although the scale of the fund-raising sales was only moderate, the turnout was encouraging. The whole sales was heartwarming and the atmosphere was brotherly and sisterly.
It touched me to see all the brothers and sisters serving Lord selflessly together for the glory of our almighty Father.
I bumped into Hua Ping, Yong Sun, Steve Ling, Steven Wong, Daniel Chew and many others. The one hour that we (Yian and I) stayed on there was truly joyous.

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