Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 16

Moving on from the Vision for Gerontology in Sibu, Tan Kee Hian then touched on the Building Blocks for Gerontology. According to Kee hian, the following are the components for Gerontology in Sibu:

1. Lifestyle community for active ageing.
2. Ageing in place.
3. Nursing homes and day centres.
4. Specialised medical and healthcare professionals and staff.
5. Trained caregivers, therapists and social workers.
6. Business and community leaders as champions.
7. Educational institution focused on gerontology.

Photo: Terrence Tan of MPI


Sarawakiana@2 said...

In line with this idea - our housing areas should be provided with easy pavements for wheel chairs and even a kind of care which can call for ambulance service directly and easily.

All the citizens of Sibu must be given "aging" mental health knowledge.

Besides even the restaurants in Sibu should also have menus for the senior citizens ( prices can be lower and the food in healthier portions with less fat etc.)..

Our chefs of Sibu should also be trained to serve aging population better.

In the past I have seen very bad behaviour towards old people. In future more than half of the population are the "golden" senior citizens who have good pensions.

Perhaps the Insurance Companies should also come up with special policies to help the aging population....

Indeed so much can be done.

Many of the Malls in KL now have senior citizen nights which attract many and create a business boom actually.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your comment. You are right on track with your numerous points, such as being aware and becoming knowlegeable about ageing needs and solutions, barrier-free access, customised diet, respect for and ensuring dignity.

The aging market can indeed be commercially attractive as well, as you rightly pointed out. The spending power of retirees is considerable. For example, grandparents in the US spend more on toys than parents.

Please continue to contribute to the discussion on the aging trends, as I believe we have a great social responsibility to provide a "golden" experience for the elderly members of our families and society.

At the same time, if we in Sibu can move up the learning/knowledge curve on this trend, it would simultaneously provide a major economic boost to Sibu, as there will be so much demand for this
knowledge everywhere soon.

Tan Kee Hian

Judy said...

Well siad Chang Yi and Kee Hian.
I have been meeting up with students of 1978 both in Miri last weekend and this evening, seeing many of them for the first time after 31 years.
I will email all of them to invite them into this blog and also Forum: Sibu in the Blue Ocean and get them excited. Many of them are working in other towns and overseas BUT almost all of them have aging parents in Sibu.
We aging teachers can continue to arouse them to be aware and push for better services for the sake of those loved ones staying behind.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I would like o see a coffee shop or an open market where wheel chairs can go to easily and all the carers can meet under the umbrellas and/trees.
I would like to see cars and buses made in Malaysia which are fitted with features for loading and unloading of wheel chairs...I saw buses in Australia with special spaces for wheel chairs and I actually was moved to tears!!
I like to see in every institution of higher learning people in wheel chairs becoming part of the organisation at all levels. This kind of visual witness gives people hope and energizes other custmers .

Korean movies now feature disabled people as brilliant in many of their only shows how advance they are!!

Coffee shops using sign language can put Sibu on the world map for the disabled I can assure you....