Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 17

Tan kee Hian also viewed Sibu as a potential Agri-business Hub. Simply put, agricultural industries can lift Sibu up to a higher level of growth. This vision is certainly not without bases. Kee Hian based his proposition on the following observations:

1. The world is presently facing food shortage.
2. West Malaysia is running out of arable land.
3. Singapore has to source food supplies from faraway Africa and South America.
4. There is growing demand for Halal food and it is underserved.
5. Sarawak is blessed with lands, rivers and coastlines.
6. Therefore, this unmet market needs for large scale supply of food and agricultural products.

That is precisely where Sibu can come in.

The photo shows Mr. Chang Jee Ren, Chairman of MPI's Board, presenting a memento to Mr. Tan Kee Hian. Looking on is Mr. Hii Ching Chiong, Lay Leader of SCAC. Photo: Terrence Tan of MPI


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sibu can be a centre for
1. ginger and honey production with factories supporting these products.
2. halal meat packing industries
3. dried prawn factories
4. hand made soaps
5. fruit juice companies
to start with.
Banks must also have special programmes for start ups.
What about micro credit?
Some one can be our very own Mohammad Yunus!

Tony Hii said...

Light industry is another viable economic activity for Sibu.