Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sibu Kidney Foundation (SKF) - Annual Thank-You Dinner 2009

The medical panellists posing for a group photo with the VIPs. Photo: Wong Seng Lung of United Daily News.
Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. Wong Soon Kai, Chairman of SKF, gave an opening address. Dr. Wong was a well-known surgeon before he joined politics. He moved his way up with extraordinary might to take him to the apex. Before he retired from his political career in 1996, he was Chairman of SUPP and Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak.

VIP Table - The thank-you dinner touched the heart of everybody.

Sing Kwong Supermarket sponsored some hampers for lucky draws.

Premier Hotel came in with a room voucher to excite the evening.
Daniel Ngien, Deputy Chairman of SMC, presented a prize to a lucky winner.

Oliver Kuok was on stage to give away a prize.

Wong Ching Yong made the winner smile all the way up to the stage.

Sibu Kidney Foundation is a charitable institution set up with the objective to provide patients with renal failure subsidised dialysis treatments.

SKF was the brainchild of Datuk Hii Yu Chiong when he saw the rising needs more than ten years ago. When the Foundation came into being, it was widely viewed as a blessing to Sibuians.

SKF is not self-funding at all. The daily operation financial needs largely come from public donations. Without the social-caring public members, the Foundation would not have been what it is today.

This annual thank-you dinner is the traditional way to show appreciation to those who have been giving a helping hand.

An entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Datuk Hii Yu Chiong used his golden fingers to draw a lucky number.

For more information, you may visit the Foundation's website at

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Shouldn't the government take care of our health problems? Is the Sibu Hospital not having this treatment for the patients?