Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 9Th Methodist Convention - The Future Of Sarawak From A Christian Perspective - Part 21 (Final)

Brother Tan Kee Hian incorporated the key principles of blue ocean strategy in the storyline. As such, he made no specific reference to the strategy in his entire proceedings.

However, he quoted an example of Methodist University College to illustrate the key principles to enable the audience to have a better grasp.

Touching on Methodist University College, Kee Hian provoked the thinking of the audience by asking whether the proposed university is just an addition to 70-100 universities and colleges already in existence? Kee hian said it might be a good thing to do so, if imparting the principles as stated by Rev John Barrett. The key principle here is to have first commitment to imparting good education, with commercial return being a secondary onjective.

However, Tan Kee Hian went on, greater impact could be achieved by taking a Blue Ocean Strategy approach. The essence of Blue Ocean Strategy is to formulate strategy in an uncontested developmental space. The set-up of the proposed Methodist University College should be strategised as not just another "vanilla" university education. Rather it should be planned out as something creating exceptional values for students, parents and the nation. For example, vocational, technical and semi-professional expertise and capabilities are critical for moving up the value chain.

On economic aspect, Kee Hian quoted the example of larger-scale eco-tourism.

On social aspect, Kee Hian cited caring for the elderly and elderly as coaches to younger people as examples.
Tan Kee Hian is a widely acclaimed Blue Ocean Strategy consultant. His consultancy work has taken him on an extensive global journey, travelling from East to West, covering both rich and emerging nations. With his knowledge and expertise in strategic planning, Kee Hian hopes to be able to shed light in Sibu on its struggle to grow.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write-up. I missed the Convention. So now I have some idea of what Kee Hian shared.
Another Public Forum is coming up on Nov 2 2009.
We are now working on the details.