Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 9Th Methodist Convention - The Future Of Sarawak From A Christian Perspective - Part 20

After his illustrative outline of broad economic development directions for Sarawak, Kee Hian moved on to touch on social development directions for the state.

Brother Tan Kee Hian illustrated 5 key areas that Sarawak may embark on to upgrade its social developments.

1. Accelerate the development of human capital and knowledge. Tap the easy access to talented non-Sarawak


2. Re-align education policy (or certain portion) with development stage and market realities.

3. Healthcar

- Give better coverage especially to rueal areas and lower income people.

4. Create emplotments for local talents and workers. Raise productivity and earning levels.

5. Infrastructur

-Investment and quality should be consistent with economic status.
At the public forum last year at MPI, Tan Kee Hian shared his experiences in his global journey as a strategic consultant. Photo: Terrence Tan of MPI

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