Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sarawak Australian Graduates Association (SAGA) - AGM Cum Luncheon

SAGA's AGM held 0n July 11 at 12:00 noon at Kingwood Hotel was a meeting cum luncheon event, getting members together in a posh hotel function room to rub their shoulders over some fine delicacies.

It was a heartwarming noon time that we met to transact the business of the association before we settled down to indulge in great foods.

AGM of SAGA was very much a business as usual, not having very much to rack our brains, except on some forward-looking views proposed by our immediate past chairman YB Datuk Robert Lau. There was some hand-showing exercise to get the business of the AGM through.

Both Dato' Sri Wong Soon Koh and Datuk Robert Lau were invited to address the meeting, giving their views on the future of SAGA and sharing their old time memories in Australia. They exhibited a good sense of humour and this earned them rounds of applause and laughters.

The luncheon meet ended at about 2:00 pm, leaving all those present looking forward to having another one soon.

We grabbed the opportunity to take a group photo for our file. Photo: Wong Seng Lung, a reporter of United Daily News.

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